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Press Release for Greenwood book

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release for Greenwood book

  • 1. PRESS RELEASE December 2, 2014 Email: Reed all about it ( is now home to a new book and best of all this historical novel is free to all on this website. About The Book Greenwood – The Early Years of Canada’s Smallest City & Other West Boundary Towns is a historically accurate review of what actually went down in the Mining and Railroad Camps of the West Boundary from 1896 to 1919. The events depict- ed in this book really happened, were reported in the local newspapers as stories, and as such, are to be read in context of that era, warts and all. Camp men were a tough breed of humans who due to adverse conditions suffered incredibly, many putting up with multiple injuries and death. Even the ‘Wild West’ comes alive inside these pages including shoot-outs and hold -ups. A major worry to early West Boundary settlements was fire. Many hotels, buildings and homes were destroyed by this scourge of the time especially in Eholt, Phoenix, Greenwood, Midway and Boundary Falls. You will find out what burnt, how and why it burnt and what the final out-come was regarding the blazes that took place. Author Reed Turcotte spent eight months reading every page of every issue of every newspaper printed in the West Boundary from 1896 to 1916 and gleaned articles (lots that were buried inside the newspaper), pulling out the best and worst stories from that era for this book. When it comes to the local politics of the time, this book has it covered. The reader receives not just the truth but also gets to know what the media and the locals of the time were thinking and saying. In the pages of this book, Turcotte takes you back in time and lets you experience what the turn of the century was like. You will truly believe that you are there. Information that has been buried for one hundred plus years has been pulled from old tombs and newspaper morgues and brought to life in these pages. Turcotte has owned and published nine newspapers, seven magazines and three books throughout Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and Manitoba. He currently resides in Peachland, BC with his wife overlooking beautiful Lake Okanagan. ~30~

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