Media Contact: Renee Walton, WIBN Founder | | www.WIBN.Club
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Media Contact: Renee Walton, WIBN Founder | | www.WIBN.Club FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A New Trend in Networking for Women Business Owners Has Launched Renee Walton is happy to announce the launch of WIBN Club, a Facebook social networking group for women business owners. This idea came when she realized that most women business owners are too busy to an extent that they rarely get time to interact with each other to share ideas. The advantage of this forum is that members network on their own schedule. They have 24 hour to post, like and comment on topics, meaning the late-nighters will still get the opportunity to connect with early risers. “The WIBN Club provides an easy way for our members to network while maintaining our busy schedules,” said Renee Walton. “I resonate with networking because as a former IT professional I spent the better part of my life connecting one piece to another piece in order for something important to function properly. That’s what business networking means to me; connecting together in order to function properly,” She added. The members will utilize the Facebook Group to engage in authentic online conversations that will help them in building solid business relationships and in gaining exposure for their businesses and/or services. The club posts a theme topic each day that members comment to. The WIBN Club is all about building solid relationships among members. The members focus on cultivating friendships and marketing their respective businesses. WIBN Club provides tangible benefits and services, including website listing, member-to-member discounts, networking opportunities, and workshops on trending business topics. “We have found that spending a few minutes virtually networking in a group each day is just as effective, if not more, as attending in-person meetings. Not only does our networking club save on precious time and cash, but it also allows our members to expand their networking efforts nationally,” said Walton. The WIBN Club is open to new member registrations. They offer different types of membership options including Premium Membership, Featured Membership, and Ambassador Membership. Premium Membership is perfect for those who are looking to network and market their business within their own state. Featured Membership is great for those looking to market their businesses nationally and want to be the only representative for their company within the club. Ambassador Membership has all the benefits of premium or featured membership but also offers leadership opportunities and referral bonus. For one low annual or monthly fee, the members will be able to grow their businesses from their mobile devices and computers on their own weekly schedule. About the WIBN Club: WIBN Club is a female centered, company exclusive, private, social networking club for women business owners. They function like any other women's social networking group--but with one exception: They use the Facebook Groups platform instead of meeting in a physical building. They get to know each other by sharing related stories, pictures and other resources that match their topics for each day of the week. It usually takes their members approximately 10-20 minutes on an average day to network and remain engaged with the other members.

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