The first question asks people age so therefore
we can analyse the answers within people's
age categories.This will make i...
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Polldaddy survey screenshots-Sophie

My analysis of my audience survey
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Polldaddy survey screenshots-Sophie

  • 1. The first question asks people age so therefore we can analyse the answers within people's age categories.This will make iteasier for us when we have decided a target audience for our opening sequence and we can then use the information from the survey to apply to our sequence. The results show 100% ofthe answers being 15-17 so this will be our main target audience. The next questions ask the person their most interesting sub genre ofthriller to give us the results ofthe mostpopular genre. We can then use results to applyt our opening sequence knowing the mostpopular genres which appeal to audiences. The results are mixed for this question butshow popularityfor horror and romance thrillers. Having a question asking people's ideal type of protagonist will be useful to use to see what appeals mostto the audience.The characters are one of the mostimportantparts of the movie and therefore having the audiences advice will help their sequence appeal to people and their preferred choices Here the results show a hero being the mostpopular protagonistwithin the target audience. As we are focusing on the opening sequence of the film, asking the question ofwhat do you think the mostimportantparts ofthe opening would be useful for our planning.With people's preferred elements we can use these for our target audience to improve and make our sequence as appealing to the target audience as much as possible. Here the results show sound and an insightofthe storyline to be the mostimportantfor the opening. This question allowed the person to rank the genre conventions in order of their preference for the opening sequence.The use ofthe colour red was shown to be top within the results with the use of scissors and knives etc. being the second mostpopular.We can then use these results when composing our opening sequence to use the target audience's preferences. The question how do you think the opening scenes of a thriller should open allows the person to show their preferred scene openings of a thriller. The results showed flashbacks to be the mostpopular and flash-forward's to be second. This will be useful when thinking aboutour opening scenes within the opening and how the audience will reactto certain types of opening scenes.