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Named Internship Profile Summary - Brandon DeBot (Class of 1964)

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Named Internship Profile Summary - Brandon DeBot (Class of 1964)

  • 1. [CLASS OF 1964 PUBLIC AFFAIRS INTERNSHIP FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE] Brandon DeBot is a junior at Dartmouth College. He was born and raised in Stevens Point, WI and graduated from iQ Academy High School as Valedictorian, National AP Scholar, and Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalist. At Dartmouth, DeBot is pursuing a major in Government with a minor in Public Policy. He is a recipient of the Andrew Warden Edson Memorial Prize for Excellence in American Government. DeBot competes on the Dartmouth Men’s Varsity Tennis Team in singles and doubles, and received the J. Clarence Davies Award for Sportsmanship in 2011. DeBot is a student researcher in the Policy Research Shop and works as a Research Assistant in the Government Department. He alsoworked as Student Program Assistant at the Rockefeller Center his sophomore year. Lastsummer DeBot participated in the First Year Fellows Program, interning at The Charles Group,LLC, in Washington, DC. He hopes to pursue a career in policy or law after graduation.Brandon was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Fall 2012 Internship, with generous supportfrom the Class of 1964 Public Affairs Internship Fund.Executive Summary from Brandon’s final report:This Fall 2012 term, I interned with the White House National Economic Council (NEC) workingdirectly under a Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. As an intern, I took on significant responsibilities and worked in various domestic My experience at the NEC and international policy areas. I drafted detailed definitely shaped my future information notes and memoranda on economic policy academic and professional issues including the fiscal cliff, alternative federal budget interests because it affirmed proposals, tax reform, and entitlement programs. I also my interest in economic created spreadsheets for in-depth analysis and forecasts of policy and showed me what it budget windows, sequester cuts, the Federal debt ceiling, is like to work at that level. and international economic commitments. As my supervisor works for the U.S. representative to the G-8 and G-20, Iresearched and compiled briefing materials for senior staff in preparation for these meetings.Finally, I produced summaries, analyses, and presentations on international issues including the
  • 2. potential impacts of devaluation on the Greek economy and the outlook for China’s commercialaircraft market.One of the best parts of my internship was the opportunity to interact with high-level staff in avariety of forums. The White House internship program does an excellent job of ensuring thatinterns receive the opportunity to meet the most influential actors in the White House. Thisincluded events with the President, Vice President, First Lady, White House Chief of Staff, andDirector of Legislative Affairs. These events were typically question-and-answer sessions andgave the interns an incredible opportunity to learn from these top policymakers in a relaxedand candid setting. Equally rewarding, however, was the opportunity to meet with staffmembers within the NEC. Through work-related meetings and internship-organized events, Imet with every senior member of the NEC and was able to glean key lessons from them.My experience at the NEC definitely shaped my future academic and professional interestsbecause it affirmed my interest in economic policy and showed me what it is like to work atthat level. I learned a lot about the policy process as well as how to operate in such a high-intensity environment and conduct myself professionally. The demand for high-quality workproduced quickly taught me how to work even more efficiently and will continue to serve mewell in future academic and professional pursuits.I am extremely thankful to the Rockefeller Center for providing me with this internshipopportunity through the Class of 1964 funding award. I would not have been able to pursuethis opportunity without this support, and it was definitely a formative and life-changing fourmonths. Thank you again! Brandon DeBot ’14 in the Briefing Room at the White House during his Fall 2012 internship at the National Economic Council. 2

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