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press release 140302 korea iso Hg verification vF

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. PRESS RELEASE Houston, Texas 02 March 2014 ConfidentialIndustrialGasesClient-Korea SERVICES: Mercury Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination (Process Systems & Equipment) Mercury Area and Personnel Occupational Exposure Monitoring Hg Sampling and Analysis of Process Streams Using Advanced MAK2™ Sampling Systems and Methods Hg Mass Balance & Mass Flux Studies for Pipeline Systems, Process Platforms, Natural Gas Plants, NGL Plants, LNG Process Trains and Refineries Production Platform Mercury Decontamination Hg Absorption Bed Catalyst Removal / Replacement Industrial Gases Mercury Sampling and Analysis Mercury Scale, Sludge, Waste Minimization and Management Pipeline Chemical Pigging, Flushing, and Decontamination Hg Natural Gas / Process Stream / NGLs Sampling, Analysis and Mapping Hg Well Interventions Management / Decontamination of Downhole Equipment Cryo-Separation Equip. Inspection, Modeling The global LNG market is expanding and changing with new projects under development in North America including construction of small LNG plants throughout the Shale Gas Plays and also notably Australia is rapidly looking to emerge as the number one LNG supplier surpassing Qatar soon. Serving the global LNG market is one of PEI’s core businesses and recently we applied what we know about the solubility and vapor pressure of mercury and mass loading rates in carbon and stainless steel from hydrocarbon processing systems to develop an accurate and reliable mercury verification sampling and analysis program for: 1) newly constructed stainless steel ISO containers and 2) ISO containers previously used to transport a range of products including ethylene, nitrogen, propane and condensate that are slated for use to transport liquefied ethylene gas for use as refrigerant in cryogenic systems at LNG plants. Mercury reacts chemically, with carbon and stainless steel and incorporates into corrosion scales and possibly steel grain boundaries. Mercury both adsorbs (reversible bonds) and chemisorbs (irreversible chemical bond) to metallic surfaces. Chemisorption dominates for carbon steel surfaces, while adsorption dominates for stainless steel surfaces. Piping and steel equipment PEI MERCURY & CHEMICAL SERVICES GROUP &StrategicAlliancePartnerCRAsia ISO Container Mercury Verification and Decontamination
  • 2. Copyright © 2014 Portnoy Environmental, Inc. All Rights Reserved. that contacts gas, condensates or other hydrocarbon products with measurable concentrations of mercury will contain mercury in proportion to the concentration of mercury in the gas/fluid that contacted the equipment. What this means for ISO containers used throughout Asia is that some may have higher residual mercury concentrations than others depending on time in service, products transported and other factors. LNG plants have a very low mercury tolerance – less than 10 ng/Nm3 so a verification sampling and analysis program is needed. PEI was engaged to verify baseline and post verification mercury concentrations in 45 ISO containers over a 60 day project schedule at a facility in Korea. A system for purging heated nitrogen was designed with a mercury removal unit in-line to provide zero nitrogen to the system to purge three ISO containers simultaneously. Nitrogen purging was performed using a 1500C nitrogen purge at pre-determined residence times to heat ISO containers and maintain a stabi- lized internal temperature ranging from 1000C to 1500C for a period of 12 to 24 hours or as otherwise was required to achieve the selected verification criteria (<10 ng/Nm3). Verification of compliance was performed by purging each ISO container with heated nitrogen followed by collection and analysis of mercury samples from nitrogen purge gas as it was discharged from the ISO container. Many are aware of the challenges associated with reliably and accurately measur- ing mercury in-gas concentrations <10 ng/Nm3 and much of this depends on the sampling system as opposed to the analytical methods used. PEI deployed two Mak2 sampling systems and one CVAFS analyzer from our Rayong, Thailand base of operations for use in this application. PEI’s Mak2 mercury sampling systems are designed and manufactured expressly for use in the oil and gas industry to be employed in the collection of mercury samples from pressurized process gas. And to ensure data quality a rigorous, performance based quality assurance – quality control (QA/QC) protocol was applied to the sampling and analysis procedure to verify precision, accuracy and statistical validity in the analytical results. CONTACT US: PEI (Mercury & Chemical Services) RON RADFORD Vice President (MCS Group) Cell: + 1 (713) 503-6803 Thai Cell: +66 098 495 5474 CR Asia - Thailand GLENN EBERT Operations Manager - Pipeline & Process Services Department Tel: +66(38) 698 399 ext. 205 Mob: +668 9244 1698 Liquid Nitrogen Vaporizer Mercury Removal Unit Liquefied Nitrogen Tank Liquefied Nitrogen Tank Nitrogen Heater ISO TANK ISO TANK ISO TANK CVAFS MAK2 Sampling System NITROGEN PURGE AND SAMPLE SYSTEM PEI'S MAK2 FLOW DIAGRAM MAK2 Sampling System MAK2 Sampling System

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