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Press Release | Taltarni Brut T Series Brut in Japanese mana

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1.     Press Release | Date Issued: July 19 2011 T Series Brut: "Mistress of the Bubbles" in wine-centric mangaTaltarni T Series Brut appeared as "Mistress of the Bubbles" in the latest issue of Kami no Shizuku, themanga, or Japanese comic, that has sparked a wine boom not only in Japan, but in Taiwan, China and Korea.Kami no Skizuku ("The Drops of God"), masterfully penned by siblings Yuko and Shin Kibayashi, is aheady mix of drama, passion and suspense, with just the right dosage of wine knowledge to make it aphenomenally influential wine guide. In 2009, Decanter Magazine listed Yuko and Shin among the 50 mostinfluential people in the wine world."Wine shops right across Asia advertise the appearance of wines in this comic," says Richard Kingman,Taltarnis Sales & Marketing Director for Australia & Asia. "These wines develop a cult following withinAsia, so this is a huge honour for us."The plot:The comics protagonist, the estranged son of a recently deceased renowned wine critic, finds himselfcompeting with his adopted brother, a talented sommelier, to inherit a wine collection worth ¥20 billion.Their challenge is to uncover the identity of the worlds 13 finest wines: the 12 "apostles" plus the legendary"Kami no Shinzuku". The protagonist must learn everything there is to know about wine in order to defeathis sibling rival.Taltarnis plot entanglement:Champagne is analogous to a kings mistress, while "everyday sparkling" is analogous to a kings wife. Theamount paid for a mistress is equivalent to an expensive pair of ladies heels, whereas "everyday sparkling" ismore around the tennis shoes or sandals mark. So, to enjoy the "mistress of bubbles" every night, you have tofind a champagne lookalike at sandals prices. Australian sparkling, in particular Taltarni T Series Brut, is thisrecommended lookalike or "mistress of bubbles". It has intensity, good acidity and perhaps more depth thanmost mistresses!For more information, please contact:Rosemary Shisler | Marketing Manager Australia/Asia | Goelet Wine | 0437 394 637The following images are available upon request:  An excerpt of Kami no Shizuku, starring Taltarni T Series Brut, "Mistress of Bubbles"  Taltarni T Series Brut bottle shot (RRP AU$16.99)