Prevent Yourself from Identity TheftDigital identity theft is a tremendously increasing crime in the modern era. As the fa...
Prevent yourself from identity theft
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Prevent yourself from identity theft

Article entitles various effective ways in which you can prevent yourself from identity theft.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Prevent Yourself from Identity TheftDigital identity theft is a tremendously increasing crime in the modern era. As the fast pace ofprogressing technology is increasing in the world, so are the methods and the different criminallyminded criteria. According to the survey of the recent past years, more than 9 million cases of identitytheft were reported in the United States alone.Online identity theft is a nightmare and is a major cause of concern to the people who arevirtually inclined to the utilization of online banking services, online shopping services, e-commerce or the conduct of any financial transactions that takes place online. Hackers workingonline often monitor the financial transactions of these innocent and less aware people.It is crucial to alert the online users about the threats of the online robbery for the protection fromidentity theft. The common base for the increasing familiarity of the threat of digital identity theft is thefrequency by which hackers analyze the profitable ratio of the variety of criminal activities.The most vital step to initiate protection from identity theft is to protect account numbers,passwords, pins and social security numbers. This information is most often stolen online so anyperson using online banking is prone to it.The online scams are more likely to happen to those people who exchange their informationonline. The most illegitimate way to mislead people is through the process called “phishing”.This involves sending spoof emails to individuals by the fake online thieves impersonating afinancial institution or an online merchant. The spoof site that appears actually belongs to thethief or online hacker. When you enter your information, they have it and can use it againstyou.The best protective way to safeguard from these online threats like phishing, spyware, andhackers is identity theft monitoring. The protection from such threats can’t be managed, butsome protective measures can prove to be beneficial. Avoid giving your personnel information,photos, address and phone numbers on social media sites such as Orkut, Facebook, MySpaceand Twitter.Another effective way to secure your personnel identity and information is to use best online identitytheft monitoring service. These services help the person using online services in the form of e-shoppingand e-banking to uncover hacking attempts, monitor privacy and send alerts to take the appropriateactions. Along with that, such services also alert you if there is a threat of identity theft, credit fraud andpurchase fraud online.Enroll with MyID ( and get identity theft protection in real time. MyID sends youidentity theft alerts and helps you in preventing your financial privacy on the internet. Visit and protect your privacy on the internet.

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