FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEProduct: Salix Alba & Salix Alba Maximus – a luxurious moisturising range, with all active ingredient...
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Salix Alba for ladies and Salix Alba for men is a luxurious anti-ageing cream where all active ingredients are 100$ natural
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEProduct: Salix Alba & Salix Alba Maximus – a luxurious moisturising range, with all active ingredients100% naturalCartmel Valley Spring – The source of a revolutionary new skincare ingredient captured in the new Salix Alba rangeSalix Alba and Salix Alba Maximus ( 30ml, and 50ml) are luxurious, anti-ageing creams that offerthe unique benefit of naturally sourced Salicin (an extract of the willow tree) to enhance skinsoftness and reverse the signs of ageing. All active ingredients are 100% natural. The new branduses pure water from the English Lake District’s Cartmel Valley Spring (Holy Well) – renowned for itscurative powers since the 12 th century - and the world’s only natural spring containing Salicin. AlsoInternational Design Winner in Paris in 2004.Many leading skincare brands use chemically derived Salicylic Acid to help regenerate skinappearance; however Salix Alba is the only completely natural formulation on the market. Thewater’s unique Salicin content occurs as it filters through a subterranean aquifier that was once aprehistoric White Willow forest.Studies have positively tested Salicin’s ability to support the skin repair mechanisms that deteriorateas we get older, those responsible for regulating moisture and pore size and also preventing darkspots and rough skin. Salix Alba also contains Blackberry Leaf extract to help prevent wrinkleformation, Green Tea for its powerful antioxidant and moisturising properties and Rosehip Oil torepair skin damage, soothe inflammation and reduce the appearance of fine lines.Salicin is a natural Beta Hydroxyl Acid which exfoliates the skin by breaking down the outer layer ofdead skin cells allowing healthy cells to rise to the surface and give the complexion a healthy,youthful glow. Salix Alba comprises a carefully balanced combination of minerals, including skinenhancing calcium and magnesium combined with natural anti-oxidants to fully replenish andrevitalise skin.Salix Alba is handmade in the Lake District, contains no parabens or synthetics, and is unperfumed.Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the cream is not tested on animals and contains no geneticallymodified ingredients.For further details visit or call 015395 31154 -Ends-

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