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Natasha Worby in the Brentwood Gazette

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natasha Worby in the Brentwood Gazette

  • 1. 30 Gazette, We d n e s d a y, November 19, 2014 News BGA-EO1-S2 b re n t w o o d g a z e t t e .co.uk Mum set to launch beauty show with a big difference Brentwood make-up artist is behind Alternative World Pageant Grace Earl editorial@gazettenews.co.uk A MOTHER-OF-TWO from Brent-wood is launching an alternative beauty pageant in a bid to chal-lenge common standards of female beauty. Photographer and self-taught make-up artist Natasha Worby, of Ongar Road, was fed up with the notion that women could only be beautiful if they looked a certain way, after years spent working in the corporate world. She decided to create the Alternative World Pageant, which will be held next year, to break away from the rigidity that she feels exists in mainstream beauty c o n t e s t s. Mrs Worby, 30, who has pre-viously worked with glamour models and Towie stars, said: “It’s time to stand up to the beauty industry, as the discrimination and prejudice which exists within it is absolutely shocking. “I have a lot of friends who have taken part in pageants and they’ve all told me that they feel under pressure to look like a Vic-toria’s Secret model, with big hair, shiny white teeth and lots of m a ke - u p. Pierced “The pageant world regularly discriminates against women who are gay or transgender, as well as against married mothers. Even something as simple as being tattooed or pierced is enough for an applicant to be re j e c t e d . “I’ve worked on hundreds of glamour modelling shoots and am tattooed myself, which has caused quite a stir at the school gates at t i m e s. “People can’t seem to compre-hend that I’m a glamour photo-grapher who isn’t afraid of doing things a little differently, simply because I’m also a mother. It’s time to broaden what people think about the real meaning of being ‘beautiful’.” The grand final of Alternative World will be held in London in July next year. According to Mrs Worby, the only restriction on applicants is that must be aged at least 18. Those wishing to take part are required to complete an online application form and submit pho-t o s. Mrs Worby said: “I don’t want the girls to submit photos so that we can judge each one’s appear-ance. The photos will simply help us to put names to faces when we meet the applicants for inter-views, which will be the next stage in the application process. E V E N T: Mike Hawkins and Clive Othen from the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce Traders get good advice on business fund sources FIFTY traders came together at a business networking event in Brentwood to receive advice on how to access vital funding available to them. Brentwood Borough Council ran the event in partnership with Essex County Council at Poplars Hall in Hutton on October 29. The aim of the day was to engage with traders and understand what they need as a business, give an overview of the finance available and introduce businesses to partners and organisations who can offer further assistance and advice. There were 50 traders who visited the two workshops on the day and met with 14 exhibitors, who covered subject areas ranging from grants to loans, start-up support and bid writing. Brentwood Borough Council’s Chair of the Business and Town Centres Committee, Councillor David Kendall, said: “The event was a fantastic opportunity for businesses to find out how to grow and alternative ways to access sources of funding. “I know from running a business that it’s not always easy to find the time to look for funding too so I was glad that it was made easier and everything businesses needed was under one roof for this event.” “There is far more to a woman than just her appearance – w hy should she feel ashamed for look-ing different? “I’m more interested in celeb-rating strong women who are resi-lient and are capable of overcoming adversity and I think those qualities have existed in the ladies who have applied so far. “We ’ve had interest from a wan-nabe model that has been told by agencies she needs to lose two inches from her waist to make it in the industry. She’s a size 8 to 10. “There have also been applic-ations from others who are burns victims or have survived severe depression. These are exactly the kind of women who deserve to feel beautiful.” Mrs Worby admits choosing a winner, in a contest which aims to JUDGE: Katie Green has refused to lose weight for model agencies make all of its applicants feel good about themselves, will be diffi-cult. She said: “I want the judging panel to be a real mix of people. “For me, I’ll be judging women based on their overall characters. My ideal winner would be a woman who has a natural pres-ence and inspires me to be pos-itive in my outlook. “The inspiration behind setting up the pageant comes from my good friend, Dannika Daisy Jef-frey. She’s heavily tattooed and is constantly changing the colour of her hair, from one bright colour to a n o t h e r. “She works in business mar-keting and is really successful. Dannika knows exactly who she is as a person and won’t let anyone tell her she has to look a certain w ay. “All women should be this com-fortable in their own skin.” The judging panel includes model Katie Green, who has refused to lose weight in the past to meet the demands of agencies. Applicants must first progress from the regional heats and the Essex heat will take place in Southend in May. Mrs Worby said: “I’m so excited to get things started and fingers crossed it’ll make a positive dif-ference to the women who take par t. “A woman shouldn’t be deemed as any less beautiful just because she doesn’t conform to this ideal that demands that we’re all six foot tall with rock hard abs. We’re not in 1960 anymore.” ■ For more details e-mail team@ alter nativeworldpageants.com Survivor of Holocaust visits school STUDENTS and staff at Brentwood School came together to listen to the emotional story of a Holocaust survivor. An audience of more than 250 listened to Eva Clarke, above, who was born in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria, on April 29 1945 – just before the end of the Second World War. Fifteen members of Eva’s family were murdered at Auschwitz including her parents, father, uncles, aunt and her seven-year-old cousin Peter. E va ’s survival was primarily due to the incredible courage and fortitude shown by her mother, Anna Bergman. Those who attended the talk left with a renewed commitment to challenge acts of prejudice. Project to remove Dartford Crossing tollbooths is ready to begin WORK will start next week to and improve the road layout at remove the tollbooths at the the crossing will start two days Dartford Crossing, pictured earlier, on Friday, November 28. right, ahead of the introduction Highways Agency project of the Dart Charge later this director Nigel Gray said: “T he month. payment booths have been part The new payment scheme, of the Dartford landscape since which sees drivers paying their 1963 but they contribute to toll charge in advance or by congestion and cause delays. midnight on the day of their “T hat’s why they are being journey, goes live at 6am on removed and we are introducing Sunday, November 30. a new payment system called Works to remove the tollbooths Dart Charge. The Dart Charge will see drivers paying the toll online, by phone, by post or in one of thousands of shops. Roadworks, which will see 27 lanes of traffic reduced to four in each direction, will continue until spring next year. Erwan Huerre, services transition manager at Connect Plus, which is heading up the changes at the Dartford Crossing, said: “Initially, we’ll work to demolish the southbound booths. “Drivers should see the benefits travelling over the QEII Bridge after the first weekend of their demolition. “On the northbound side, the works will take longer to complete because we need to construct a new tunnel safety system. “During this time, road users will still need to travel through the existing barriers, but they wo n’t be able to stop and pay here anymore as the new system will be operational.” CHALLENGING PERCEPTIONS: Natasha Worby of Ongar Road CHANGE: The toll booths will be removed at the Dartford Crossing

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