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Prestige xt w-installation_instructions

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Prestige xt w-installation_instructions

  • 1. INTRODUCTION CHOOSING A LOCATION Avoid common false alarm sources MOUNTING • For wireless connectivity, detailed programming Do not install close to large metal For indoor use onlyINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS and system set-up instructions please refer to objects or mains wiring the compatible RICOCHET™ technology enabled >1m Metal Lintel Premier wireless expander instructions. • Featuring RICOCHET™ wireless technology the Prestige XT-W and Prestige QD-W are designed for professional security installations. >1m ✗ ✓ >1m Mount on a stable surface 230V 110V ✗ ✓ ✓ Metal Filing CabinetINS 466 STANDARDS COVERAGE & PICK-UP M OUNTING HEIGHT & SETTINGS ALTERING COVERAGE AT 2m MOUNTING HEIGHT EN50131-2-2, EN50131-5-3, EN50131-1, Alarm Systems: PD6662, Grade 2 Class II 2m EN50130-4:1995: A1: A2 67" EMC: ETSI EN301 489-03 V1.4.1 3.0m/9’10” R&TTE: E TSI EN300-220 (V2.1.1) Environmental: E N50130-5 Frequency Band: 868.0 MHz - 868.6 MHz BATTERY SAFETY 2m 8m 2.5m/8’2” 262 67• Do not throw into a fire • Do not heat• Do not short circuit • Do not charge• Replace only with same or equivalent type • Do not disassemble• Always observe local regulations when disposing of a battery• Detector will transmit low battery warning when battery needs replacing 2.0m/6’7” Volumetric 10m WARRANTY 2m 329 2 year replacement warranty (excludes battery). Top View Metres 67 The Prestige XT-W/QD-W is designed to detect the movement of an intruder and activate an alarm control panel. As the Prestige XT-W/QD-W 15m 1.5m/4’11” is not a complete alarm system, but only a part thereof, Texecom cannot accept responsibility or liability for any damages whatsoever based on a claim that the Prestige XT-W/QD-W failed to function correctly. 2m 15m 50 Metres Metres 67 Due to our policy of continuous improvement Texecom reserves 12m 12m the right to change specification without prior notice. All specifications are measured at 20ºC (68ºF). Made In England 15m 2m 50 Side View 67 2m 67 Cer tificate Number: FM 35285 Prestige and the wireless logo are trade marks of Texecom Ltd. © 2010 ANGLING THE The Prestige XT-W/QD-W is protected by European Registered Design. No: 3004997 DETECTOR 15m 4m A20100211 INS466 50 131
  • 2. HOW TO REMOVE THE CHASSIS D ETECTOR KNOCKOUTS CEILING MOUNT BRACKET*Remove chassis before mountingthe detector 1 2 3 4 6 5 WALL MOUNT BRACKET* 7 1 2 3 4 Note: Rear Tamper Insert For EN 50131 compliance both the detector and the rear tamper insert must be fixed to the wall, mounting brackets should not be used. *Available Separately XT PULSE COUNT 40mm Battery Tag 1 (1.6”) Remove on installation. JP1 112.25mm 2 (4.4”) JP1 3 0.3 - 3.0m/s 1 - 10ft/s 60mm 160g (5.5oz) JP1 (2.4”) approx. LED Indication only available in QD PULSE COUNT walktest mode. 1 (See Premier wireless expander instructions) -35°C (-31°F) to JP1 +55°C (+131°F) Learn Switch 2 Hold down during battery connection to learn device. JP1 3 -35°C (-31°F) to 0.3 - 3.0m/s +60°C (+140°F) 1 - 10ft/s Mounting Height Settings JP1

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