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President Rafael Correa's visit to new jersey

President Rafael Correa in New Jersey cosed controversy, review this independent opinion.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - President Rafael Correa's visit to new jersey

  • 1. PRESIDENT RAFAEL CORREA’S VISIT TO NEW JERSEY AN UNNECESSARY CONTROVERSY As Ecuadorian I am concern with the incident raised in Union City, NJ with the visit ofpresident Rafael Correa; the Mayor of the City, bowing to pressure from Cuban exiles hasrevoked its authorization so the President could speak at the Cultural Night on Friday, September22 at a school of the city. More strikes me that people with little patriotism and taking advantageof the situation deride in the social pages. All Ecuadorians have received a slap in the face,because this attitude is not directed to Rafael Correa, but to the President of the Republic. Mr. Mayor’s attitude shows lack of knowledge of international relations and diplomacy,in reality his weak character has yielded to pressure. In addition it reveals the ineffectiveness of the representatives of the Ecuadorian State inthe Tri-State area. To launch a product precedes an analysis of the area, measured the response ofthe people and is planned in advance; not to mention the visit of the President. Where is theknowledge of the area by the Consul in NJ? Wasnt it better to make this event in NY? Where isthe team of protocol and security of the Presidency? Personally I disagree with many attitudes and policies of President Correa, I activelycampaigned against in the last referendum, but this does not make me less Ecuadorian, and assuch we are represented by our President. I would like to recall that when President Chavezoffended President Bush, throughout the country, regardless of its partisan flag or creed we feeloffended (as Americans); I would also like to remind that president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,enemy of this country had the best scenario at Columbia University. Freedom of opinion is evident when we disagree, because there will be no reason if itonly applies when we are in agreement. I invite all Ecuadorians to look from outside, and do a critical analysis, not followunconditionally to the Government or the opposition; but analyze each incident, to give our view,at the same time punish opportunists that entrenched in ignorance of our people disguise this slapin the face as an endorsement to the opposition, the affairs of the Ecuadorians are resolve by theEcuadorians, through elections and according to law. BLS. Saul Jarrín Green Bay, WI, September 22, 2011

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