Total Capacity [2]Sensible Capacity [2]BTUHBTUH57,10041,200Cooling Operating Range [3] 65° F - 115° FRefrigerant Type R-41...
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Portable Rental Solutions 5 ton

Portable Rental Solutions also offers a wide range of quality portable rental equipment including spot coolers, portable air conditioners, server room air conditioners, electric heaters, negative air machines, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, power generators, transformers, spot cooler rentals, industrial air conditioners, emergency air conditioners, spot cooling systems, data center air conditioners, temporary air conditioners, rental air conditioners, portable dehumidifiers, jobsite heaters, portable evaporative coolers, coolspace evaporative coolers and construction heaters. Portable Rental Solutions is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week/ 365 days a year. "Why call the rest when you can call the best”at one convenient location, Call 1-800-699-8998 for more information.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Total Capacity [2]Sensible Capacity [2]BTUHBTUH57,10041,200Cooling Operating Range [3] 65° F - 115° FRefrigerant Type R-410aCompressor Type ScrollFilterFilter SizeType MERV 8, Pleated Disposable24 x24 x2Evaporator Coil Face AreaEvaporator Coil Rows deepSq. Ft. 3.73EvaporatorMaximum ESPCFMin-wcHP20001.51.5Condenser Coil Face AreaCondenser Coil Rows DeepSq. Ft. 6.393Condenser Air Movement Type Belt Drive BlowerCondenserMaximum ESPCFMin-wcHP300012208/230-1-60 Op. A [4]FLAMCAkW [5]42.748.155.610.2208/230-3-60 FLAMCAkW [5]31.536.610.5480-3-60 FLAMCAkW [5]14.817.211.0Available Electric Heat 10 kw (1 Phase) / 15kw (3 Phase)208/230-3-6010 kwFLAMCAkW [5] kWFLAMCAkW [5]46.958.616.9460-3-6015kWFLAMCAkW [5]21.426.717.0Approximate Net Unit Weight 670 Lbs. [6]TECHNICAL DATA PAC5N[1]ASACooling WITHOUT Electric HeatHeating WITH Electric Heat[1] Voltage Codes (*): 1 = 208/230-1-603 = 208/230-3-604 = 460-3-60[2] Entering Air 80° F DB / 67° F WB with 95° F Outdoor Ambient[3] Extended operating range feasible with optional accessories[4] Operating amps at ARI conditions listed in not [2] above at 208 volts[5] kW at 0.8 Power Factor and 208 or 460 Volts[6] Electric heat adds approximately 25 lbs.Portable Rental Solutions, Inc.P.O. Box 340Hewitt, TX 76643Phone: 800-699-8998Fax: 469-574-7924

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