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Narcissistic Company Profile

Narcissistic : An Online Marketplace for Premium International Brands in Fashion Accessories Segment
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. NARCISSISTIC Call: 9021 372466 | .........Be Your Legend BriefIntroduction “Narcissistic” has been established as an ambitious and splendid online e-commerce portal with an aim of advancing the boundaries in field of Men & Women Fashion Accessories in India. The name 'Narcissistic' is taken in a positive stride where we passionately indulge in creating and developing cohesive and fruitful environment for expansion of business activities in influential manner. We are not just too focused in our approach and ambitious but we also possess a solid ground and talented professional to further expand our business endeavor and venture. The Company “Narcissistic” is upholding the logo of a Glorious & Fire breathing Serpent, 'Dragon'. Dragon is a legendary and glorious creature in itself which is known for its Wisdom, Ferociousness, Fearlessness and Self Admiration which will are the traits of a Fashion and Lifestyle loving audience whom the company intends to focus upon. Young dynamic entrepreneur, Ms. Tina Arora incepted the company in 2015 with a vision to deliver not just the latest trends of lifestyle to Indian market but also to work aggressively on the innovative designs and products, which becomes the fashion statement in Men and Women for tomorrow. With the TAG Line, “Connecting Possibilities with Opportunities” of the Parent Group, “Tina Arora Group”, the company stands firm on its vision and plans the International Tie-Ups with world’s most renowned Brands to deliver their best product range to Indian Market, thereby opening the possibility of latest and innovative FashionTrends in India. Company'sStrategy Lifestyle and FashionAccessories market in India is majorly dominated by regional and international players but online sphere offers a great place for action and equal opportunities. Narcissistic will help the international vendors in acquiring a competitive and later on a leading position in this market with focused and determined approach. A dragon weighs all the option in front of it and carves a sophisticated and unheard approach to snoop upon its prey and catch it when it is least expecting. We follow the same approach in our business goals and approach and carve out the most appropriate solution to enter the fashion market and create a distinct name for the vendor with authority and pomp. CoreValues Industry reports suggests that within a few years the fashion accessories market will grow upto INR 10,000 Cr. and growth rate will be at around 20-30% each year. Narcissistic will help the international vendors in ferociously capturing a share of this estimated growth through diminishing the gap between the consumers and sellers. We will provide proper assistance, channels and expertise required for emerging into a solid player in this competitive market with distinction.
  • 2. NARCISSISTIC ScopeofServicesandProducts Narcissistic possess a team of talented individuals and professionals from different backgrounds and skills in the segment of Men and Women Fashion, Lifestyle Accessories. Narcissitic redefines your Lifestyle and Fashion statement with the custom designed range of accessories as well as International Brand Tie-Ups, opening the new dimension to pamper yourself. It should be noted that rising disposable income and consumers view towards getting the luxurious and 'look good, feel good' fashion accessories is gaining immense popularity in India. With our expertise in this matter, we can help the international vendors in procuring and pushing right kind of consumer centric accessories in the market to tap in rising frenzy for such products with style and grace. Our Product Range for Men Tie Pins | Bow Ties | Brooches | Bracelets (Unisex) | Rings (Simple Men Rings) | Neck Pieces (Chain) | Tie Clips | Cufflinks | Pocket Squares For Women Earrings | Rings | Neck Pieces | Bracelets | Hand Chains | Cuffs APioneerAtHelmOfBusiness Narcissistic is owned by a very talented and knowledgeable entrepreneur, Ms. Tina Arora, having several years of rich experience in the Interior Decoration Business. Under her leadership and vision, Narcissistic had came into being to serve as a prominent web portal or most importantly a link to open a sea of opportunities for International vendors in the ever growing India's Men/Women FashionAccessories Market. She brings in a new surge of power and energy in the business approach and ventures with her undaunted effort and creativity. She has the ability to bring out the best among her employees and coerces them to take ambitious steps towards building better services. She is just like a 'Dragon' breathing fire and illuminating new path for success not just for Narcissistic but also for the fellow International vendors. The brand name Narcissistic proclaims our ability to understand the beauty, ability and creativity of Men's accessories market in its depth, glory and darker alleys. Our dragon logo is a symbol of wisdom, trust, fearlessness and perseverance which will guide you through the vast and difficult Indian market with great authority, confidence and expertise. Purpose We evaluate the vendor capabilities and capacities, needs and aspiration for entering the unfathomed Indian Men's fashion accessories market with great concern and admiration. We bring in the real life scenarios and position of the Indian market for understanding in its own way. With our help, you will able to judge the best options available with you to mark your presence, generate productive results and boost your revenue in Indian Men's fashion accessories market. We pride in our wisdom just like the 'dragon' and aim towards providing appropriate insights, help, solutions and strategy for cracking the Indian code. .........Be Your Legend Call: 9021 372466 |
  • 3. NARCISSISTIC ScopeofServicesandProducts Indian Market in Lifestyle Segment and Fashion Accessories (For Both Men and Women) is quite unorganized and dispersed wherein mixed players including small and middle scale enterprises, international brands, Indian Brands and Freelancer designers co-exists in a great competition over design, innovation and prices. The end result being the customer has to struggle hard to make his choices where most of times price and not the design or quality is the prime key purchasing trigger. This is further worsened by the E-commerce players entering the market with the Lifestyle and Accessory segment with thousands of options, which makes quite difficult for a browser to search for and select. Narcissistic, a concept and business model incepted by Ms. Tina Arora, young, passionate and dynamic entrepreneur will ensure that the platform becomes synonymous to the future Innovative, Selected, Best and Rare of the fashion trends where Selected International Brands will have an option to mark their presence and open up the product portfolio to India’s Market where the competition they have is exclusively with niche. So the Brand is going to be a milestone lifestyle signature statement for Fashion Loving Individuals who just want no compromise but the best and latest trends of lifestyle. HowNarcissisticHelpsin“IndiaEntryStrategy”forInternationalBrands “Narcissistic”, Venture by young dynamic and experienced visionary entrepreneur, Ms. Tina Arora was incepted in 2015 with a vision as a gateway to latest trends of Fashion and Lifestyle Worldwide to Indian Market. Foreseeing the growth of luxury segment of market share into Fashion and Lifestyle, these exists the demand of a platform and gateway which is separate from the regular budget class lifestyle segment. In recent years many new entries and players in Budget Segment empowered by E-Commerce marketplace has created a cluttering of this delivery window where niche products and brands lose their value. “Narcissistic” Business Development team is empowered by Professionals, experts and Industry Analytics with a clear and transparent understanding of market and its Demand-supply chain. Luxury and premium counterpart Lifestyle, Fashion and Cosmetics is the prime focus of the Brand which aligns with its Corporate tagline - …Be your Legend”. Company has on-board leading Brand Promotion Consultants, Marketing Strategists, and Legal Specialists who backed by the Core Team will follow a planned & aggressive approach to help International Brands in capturing the highly competitive Indian Lifestyle & FashionAccessories Market. : Ÿ Creating Awareness for International Brands in Indian Market. Sometimes this awareness can also be linked to creating acceptability or generating its market awareness and demands, so that doors to world’s second biggest market in terms of volumes are open to these brands. Ÿ Strategic Product Launch in the Indian Market as perTarget Market behavior Ÿ Creating an Online Marketplace where International Brands can conveniently sell their products. Narcissistic also ensures to maintain its standards and adhere to the segment “Premium” and “Luxury” so that the brands don’t have to compete with their Budget counterparts or in terms of quality there stands No-Compromise approach. This also ensures clutter free product availability which gives a exclusive experience to the customers, instead of searching for something on a platform where almost everything and anything is available and sellable. Ÿ Tackling Regional Obstacles and Legal Formalities in the entire business process. Ÿ Developing a B2B model with an aim to strengthen Strategic International & Domestic Business Partnerships catering to this Product Segment Ÿ Conceptualizing a mix for penetration of International Brands into Indian Market based on in-depth analysis of Target Market, Key Competitors and Product Demand as well as devising Entry Strategy, Growth Strategy & Business Promotion Strategy. Ÿ Identification of Sales & Distribution Model. Ÿ Formulating a Customer Feedback Mechanism for Product Improvement & Product Diversification .........Be Your Legend Call: 9021 372466 |

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