Green Schoolyards America announces the release of
our first annual Living Schoolyard Month Activity Guide.
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Green Schoolyards America announces the release of our first annual Living Schoolyard Month Activity Guide. FREE DOWNLOAD: The movement to green our school grounds and connect children with nature has taken an important leap forward. The California state assembly adopted a new resolution that encourages school districts to design and construct schoolyard green spaces and use them to teach academic curricula outdoors. Authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting of San Francisco (D), the Living Schoolyard Month Resolution (ACR-128) establishes an annual, statewide celebration of school grounds to be held each year in May. Building on the success of previous statewide school garden programs, it expands the depth and breadth of outdoor education beyond horticulture and nutrition to connect schoolyard greening to the health of urban ecosystems, child development needs, and the quality of life for students and their local communities. May 2015 is the first annual celebration of Living Schoolyard Month! We encourage schools across California and beyond to take their students outside during the month of May—and throughout the year—to celebrate their grounds and use them for hands-on learning, place- based inquiry, recreation, environmental stewardship and community-building. green schoolyards america The 2015 Living Schoolyard Month Activity Guide was created in honor of the first Living Schoolyard Month. It was developed by Green Schoolyards America in collaboration with our colleagues from 40+ organizations across California who contributed a wide range of ideas to help schools bring students outside and use their school grounds to their fullest. Including over forty hands-on activities for PreK-12th grade students, the Guide covers a range of themes including: Art, Recreation, Health, Wildlife Habitat, Watershed Stewardship, Schoolyard Agriculture, Energy and Climate, Thoughtful Use of Materials, and Place-Based Understanding. Activities in the Guide were written by organizations that include: schools and districts, such as Berkeley Unified and Los Angeles Unifed School District; local and state government agencies, such as StopWaste and the California Coastal Commission; non-profits such as the American Heart Association, National Wildlife Federation and Life Lab; and museums such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences and Lawrence Hall of Science. We encourage schools to celebrate Living Schoolyard Month using the ideas in our Activity Guide, and other activities they develop themselves. After the event, schools can send in a summary of their celebrations and we will share them online. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Green Schoolyards America Living Schoolyard Month 2015 Activity Guide FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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