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National PR Day Celebration at NIMCJ

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National PR Day Celebration at NIMCJ

  • 1. PRESS NOTE 21ST APRIL, 2012FULFILL WISH WITH MAKE A A WISH FOUNDATION ON PR DAYCELEBRATIONS AT NIMCJAhmedabad: National Public Relations Day was celebrated on thetheme of “Cancer Awareness and its early detection” in NationalInstitute of Mass Communication and Journalism on 21st April,2012. The whole programme was organized by Public RelationsSociety of India with Make a Wish Foundation and NIMCJ.Dr. Shirish Kashikar (Director of NIMCJ) warmly welcomed guestsDr. Abhay Dikshit (Founder - Family Clinic & Past President-Ahmedabad Medical Association), Ms. Roopnade Shah (Co-ordinator- Make a Wish Foundation), Mr. Vipul Shukla (EX-chairperson PRSI),Mr. Shailesh Goyal (Secretary, PRSI). Dr. Shirish Kashikar (Director,NIMCJ) gave an overview of the institute. Mr. Vipul Shukla said thiswas the 26th National PR day being celebrated the world over. Morethan 33 chapters are celebrating PR day on the same theme all overIndia.Unmesh Dixit (Chair person of PRSI) elaborately talked about PublicRelations day and its importance and further emphasized onspreading awareness on Cancer and PR in every possible manner.Dr. Abhay Dikshit (Founder - Family Clinic/ Past President-Ahmedabad Medical Association and Ahmedabad Family PhysicianAssociation and Maninagar Medical Association) discussed aboutCancer Awareness and its early detection. He further clarified themyths and facts of Cancer and encouraged the youth to spread theprecautions to be taken against Cancer.Ms. Roopnade (Co-ordinator - Make a Wish Foundation) introducedMake a Wish Foundation and its noble cause. The first wish for thisorganization was fulfilled in 1980, in Phoenix of US, and from thereon it has spread in more than 35 countries the world over. Thisfoundation helps in fulfilling four major types of wishes: Travel,Occupational, Celebrity and Gift.On this day PRSI and NIMCJ have fulfilled wishes of Six childrensuffering from various life threatening disease. These childrenreceived gifts like mobile phone, remote control car, casio etc.The whole event was concluded by Mr. Shailesh Goyal, with a voteof thanks to all the guests and the students who made the eventsuccessful in every aspect.

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