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Polyvision TS Series

Get Polyvision TS Series interactive whiteboards best for people who want effective communication.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. TS Series interactive whiteboardTake your classroom to the next levelTransform every lesson or brainstorming session into adynamic learning experience with the TS Seriesinteractive whiteboard. Just the stroke of a stylus or tapof a fingeron the touch-sensitive surface enables you toquickly open web pages, highlight lessons, interact withgraphic software, save a lesson and more.Open architecture allows you to add zing to lessons by usingthe web, your favorite applications and/or software providedwith the board. With limitless possibilities, the easy-to-use andtime-saving TS Series interactive whiteboard is your solutionfor bringing learning to life in your classroom—inspiring andengaging students at any level.Features• No software to learn—true plug-and-play capability • Lightning™—one-touch calibration technology option quickly brings and allows teachers to power up and begin your lesson into focus. teaching immediately. • Open architecture—works with all your favorite software tools such• Durable design—withstands the rigors of the classroom. ® ® as Microsoft Office , the internet and more.• Low surface glare—maximizes projection visibility. • Integrated controls—allows you to drive at the board and speeds up access to frequently used functions. “ It transformed my teaching style, my classroom and my students.” Joyce C. 4TH GRADE TEACHER AMCA—THE ACADEMY ™bring learning to life
  • 2. Technical specifications A: OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS B: WRITING SURFACE WALL A B FRONT VIEW D: DEPTH Models TS 600 TS620 TSL 620 TS 820 A (H X W) 47.7" x 67.0" 47.7" x 97.0" (1210mm x 1700mm) (1210mm x 2460mm) B (H X W) 43.0" x 65.0" 43.0" x 95.0" (1090mm x 1650mm) (1090mm x 2410mm) C (Diagonal) 77.8" (1976mm) 104.3" (2649mm) D (Depth) 3.0" (76.2mm) 3.0" (76.2mm) Resolution 8000 x 8000 8000 x 8000 Weight 55 lb (24.97kg) 70 lb (31.78kg) Lightning Technology No No Yes No No Yes RoHS No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Connection Serial USB USB Serial USB USBDimensions Accessories (Included) Recommended Computer Requirements ®• Touch-sensitive, low-glare, stain-resistant, • RM Easiteach Next Generation Software with full Microsoft Windows: ® and projection-optimized Teflon surface content toolbars on CD-ROM or Qwizdom’s • Windows 98, SE, 2000, ME, XP, or Vista ® WizTeach educational software • 256 MB RAMPower Requirements • One 3.25" (830mm) round eraser • TS/TSL 620, TS 820: One USB port• TS 600: 120V/240V wall mounted power • TS 600, 800: 20 (6.1m) 9-pin serial cable • TS 400, 600, 800: One serial port ® ® supply 8VDC, 5W (max) • TS/TSL 620, 820: 15’ (5m) USB cable Apple Macintosh :• TS/TSL 620, 820: USB powered • Stylus • Power PC or Intel processor • User Guide • Mac OS 10.2 or higherCertification • 256 MB RAM (higher screen resolutions• CE, FCC Class A, RoHS Options (require more memory) (TS/TSL 620, 820 only) • TS/TSL 600, 620: Mobile Adjustable Height • TS/TSL 620,TS 820: One USB port Stand (MS Series) • TS 600: One serial portWarranty • TS 600: Room-blasting infrared wireless• Two-year limited warranty, free upgrade to (TS Wireless) ® five years upon product registration • TS 600: Bluetooth wireless (TS Bluetooth adaptor only) • TS 600: 9-pin serial-to-USB adapter (440-0021-01)Web site: www.electronicwhiteboardswarehouse.com/Phone: (800) 992-5279 ™eVision PolyVision is committed to move toward sustainability in allareas of environmental stewardship—to protect people, replenish naturalresources, and restore the communities in which we work and live.