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“Would you clean your teeth without a toothbrush? of course not...then why do most people not 
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Form + Matter Press Release: Launch

Shawn Weiland (pronounced "y-land") is not your typical skin care founder. He is a trained architect, sculptor, painter, designer and surfer who has designed houses, chairs, retail stores, and for the past few years developed one of the best natural face care systems in the world. What does an architect know about may ask? Well...alot. “I started the company because all of the natural skincare products that I used...just didn’t work. I wanted to offer people a face care system that was easy to use and good for your skin and got you the results you want.” - Shawn Weiland, Chief Creative Director and Founder Form + Matter developed a natural and organic face care system for your entire daily face care routine: Cleansing, Exfoliating, Treatments, Hydrating and Protecting. Every product comes with a skincare guide to show you how to accurately use the product to get the most benefit from it. “Would you clean your teeth without a toothbrush? of course not...then why do most people not use the right tools for taking care of their skin...gentle cloth when you wash your face will clear up many skin issues.” - Shawn Weiland, Chief Creative Director and Founder Form + Matter took an unorthodox approach to the scents of each products...they ignored it. Instead each product was developed for a specific skincare need...yet each product has an aroma which is unique and fresh. “Most people do not realize how easy chemicals are absorbed into your skin….so i made it my goal several years ago to develop a natural face care system that works and is good for your skin.” - Shawn Weiland, Chief Creative Director and Founder Images and Information is available upon request. Contact Information: FORM + MATTER SKINCARE 1659 SAN PABLO AVENUE BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA 94702 USA HELLO@WEAREFORMANDMATTER.COM
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Form + Matter Press Release: Launch

  • 1.   Press Release:   MODERN ARCHITECT DEVELOPS ONE OF THE BEST ​NATURAL  FACE CARE SYSTEMS IN THE WORLD        Shawn Weiland (pronounced "y­land") is not your typical skin care founder. He is a trained  architect, sculptor, painter, designer and surfer who has designed houses, chairs, retail stores,  and for the past few years developed one of the best natural face care systems in the world.  What does an architect know about may ask? Well...alot.    “I started the company because all of the natural skincare products that I used...just didn’t work.  I wanted to offer people a face care system that was easy to use and good for your skin and got  you the results you want.” ­ Shawn Weiland, Chief Creative Director and Founder    Form + Matter developed a natural and organic face care system for your entire daily face care  routine: Cleansing, Exfoliating, Treatments, Hydrating and Protecting. Every product comes with  a skincare guide to show you how to accurately use the product to get the most benefit from it.
  • 2.     “Would you clean your teeth without a toothbrush? of course not...then why do most people not  use the right tools for taking care of their skin...gentle cloth when you wash your face will clear  up many skin issues.”  ­ Shawn Weiland, Chief Creative Director and Founder      Form + Matter took an  unorthodox approach to  the scents of each  products...they ignored it.  Instead each product was  developed for a specific  skin care need...and  because of the approach  every product has an  aroma which is unique  and fresh.       “Most people do not realize how easy chemicals are absorbed into your skin….so i made it my  goal several years ago to develop a natural face care system that works and is good for your  skin.”  ­ Shawn Weiland, Chief Creative Director and Founder     *Images and Information is available upon request.  Contact Information:  FORM + MATTER SKINCARE  1659 SAN PABLO AVENUE  BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA 94702 USA  HELLO@WEAREFORMANDMATTER.COM

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