Portable Boring Machine – Rotating Boring Bar
A rotating boring bar may be a stubby, overhung type used directly from the ...
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Portable boring machine – rotating boring bar

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Portable Boring Machine – Rotating Boring Bar A rotating boring bar may be a stubby, overhung type used directly from the chuck or faceplate, or from a special fixture, all of which admit 23 February 1961 of adjusting the whole bar to vary the cutting radius. Alternatively, a rotating bar can be supported by the tailstock centre, or by a plain or ball bearing at the tailstock. Sometimes the fixed steady can be used with a long boring bar for a portable boring machine, or a bearing can be provided on the angle plate on which work is set up. For accurate turning, requiring the travelling or fixed steady, it can be an advantage to start with the jaws bedding fully. Machining them to radius is a job for an overhung boring bar. Travelling steady moves with the saddle; while a fixed steady is clamped lightly to the bed in front of the saddle, and so moved along. Many operations are possible with an overhung boring bar when work is set up on a slide-mounted angle plate. But the deeper a bore must be taken, the likelier it is to cause chatter with an unguided bar. For open bores, when the bar can go right through, the answer to this problem is found in boring and bushing the angle plate, and using a guided bar. The boring is done by opening out with an overhung bar from a drilled hole, which is then fitted with a bush, secured by a thin nut, too. Take the guided type of rotating bar. The outsize job which cannot be swung on the faceplate or moved by the saddle sets a boring problem that may sometimes be solved by a rotating boring bar fed from the tailstock. Support and drive for the bar can be arranged using a bored bearing block on an angle plate on the faceplate, and fitting the bar with a pin which comes down flat to a block fixed by a countersunk screw to the faceplate. Several holes in the bar extend its movement, when the pin is changed from one to the other-given that the bar will enter the bore in the lathe spindle. Support and feed at the tailstock can be provided by a plain bearing with a single ball thrust at the end of the bar. But an arrangement using a ball bearing is to be preferred-the pad centre being fitted in the lathe spindle to finish the housing for the bearing. If you are looking for the best commissioning of machinery service in Bangalore, go through S H Engineering, Which is the best company to manufacture portable boring machines too.

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