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faster than you can calculation your money. This works by borer into the “secret internet” breadth bags ofmoney is just ab...
typical client wouldn’t acumen to try and do this and therefore the Commission Killer support space offers noassistance on...
commissions you were secure on the sales page.I’ve seen lots of software package and lots of ripoffs, however most publish...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Commission Killer Cash Creator ReviewShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on googleShare on friendfeedShare onlinkedinThis product Commission Killer is due for absolution on the 14th February 2012. Is Commission Killer by CraigKaye and Roba scam? The apprehension for the artefact is top and there will be no agnosticism that humans willbe block afterwards some absolute reviews. This is area I achievement to put in my two cents account byautograph and publishing a absolute Commission Killer Cash Creator Review.For humans who are new to my website / let me explain a little. The capital acumen why I set up this website isto accommodate a absolute analysis on anew appear internet business products. I will also accord myassessment on the artefact and say whether I acclaim it or not. Whether you acquirement articleslike Commission Killer is absolutely up to you. I am alone actuality to accord you the analysis to ultimately adviceyou decide. What I commonly do is to acquirement the artefact on barrage day and address up a absolute andhonest review. Sales PageIf you attending about my blog, you will see me contact about the exact aforementioned anatomy that soabounding of these sales pages use: the administrator activate out about some secret, he is traveling toallotment that abstruse with you even admitting added humans are traveling to abhorrence him for it, assuranceup now because he doesn’t apperceive how continued he will be able to accumulate this going. CommissionKiller actually does not t breach abroad from that cookie-cutter format. Except this cookie is brindled with badgrammar and punctuation errors!One of the abounding huge flaws that anxious me in this accurate sales angle is how the narrator talks aboutwhat an internet business able he is, but he dosen’t apperceive HTML and he says he has 0% abstruseexperience ” and no abstruse skills. I haven’t met a individual internet banker that didn’t apperceive at atomicbasal HTML and had several abstruse abilities (article marketing, video marketing, SEO, PPC experience, etc). Forme this was a agreeable contradiction.We are told about some abundant arrangement he is developed breadth all you accept to do is advance a buttonon “the Bridge” he is developed to bang it rich. Your Clickbank account will be abounding with commissions
  • 2. faster than you can calculation your money. This works by borer into the “secret internet” breadth bags ofmoney is just able for the taking.If you are annual this review, your BS beat was acceptable agreeable at abounding bang while you were alert toall of this. And you were appropriate to be so suspicious The ProductWithin the primary minute of the welcome video, you’re told that Commission Killer “is not a get made fastprogram”. Is that so? as a result of 5 minutes past once I was looking at the publicity i used to be beneath theimpression that I may build lots of cash terribly quickly. Well, currently that i do know i used to be song to, isuppose I’ll begin testing out the software package.Before I begin, i need to create it terribly clear that i believe the Commission Killer software package sucks. I evenhave ne’er aforesaid that before on this journal as I actively avoid such a inculpative statement, however itextremely will. It’s buggy, doesn’t work as secure, and though it had been used as directed it might not generatethe results secure within the sales letter. currently that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, let’s get right down tobusiness.The Commission Killer software package is broken into seven tabs that in theory build a web site for youcomplete with content and affiliate links. It’s quite a cool idea, however once more solely in theory. I’ll walk youthru the primary 5 tabs, as a result of to use the sixth tab you’re needed to shop for associate degree affiliateproduct (some non-public label rights product) and therefore the seventh tab is solely for loading any comesyou’ve created among the Commission Killer program antecedently. the opposite 5 tabs are: Start Cash CreatorIn this tab, you input your Hostgator hosting username, password, email, and therefore the computer addressyou’d prefer to build your web site on. when you push the “Play” button, the Commission Killer Cash Creatorsoftware package takes many technical steps (all of that I may justify however would most likely bore youhorribly) and voila! you have got a WordPress web site setup and running on your server. Granted, that’s quitecool. This a part of the software package wired out on American state the primary few times, however I finallygot it to figure properly and it set everything up as secure. The video walkthrough was terribly clear and simple tofollow therefore I can’t complain concerning abundant here. AppearanceThis is wherever the important issues started on behalf of me. The video walkthrough was terriblystraightforward to follow similar to the primary tab, however the software package didn’t work as secure. duringthis tab you input the headline for your website and alter the text for the links on your web site. The default textfor these links is “Category 1″, “Category 2″, and “Category 3″. though the headline and colour scheme updatedproperly on behalf of me as secure, nothing I did would modification the default link text. simply “Category 1″,“Category 2″, and “Category 3″ staring American state straight within the face. i do know I may come in and alterthese manually as a result of I’ve worked with WordPress for a protracted time, however I additionally grasp the
  • 3. typical client wouldn’t acumen to try and do this and therefore the Commission Killer support space offers noassistance on this matter, therefore I chocked it up to failure #1 and emotional on to successive tab. Clickbank Product sharpshooterHere you fill in your niche along side your Clickbank credentials and therefore the software package finds themost effective affiliate offers to position on your web site and grabs affiliate banners. this is often a fairly coolfeature too, as a result of with a bit info and therefore the click of a button your web site is inhabited withaffiliate graphics from high changing affiliate product on Clickbank. Cash Ads SetupThis tab merely finishes the duty from the previous tab. you place in your Clickbank account info once more andyour affiliate banners receive useful affiliate links therefore you get credit for any sales coming back through yourweb site. Turbo Content/VideosThis was the feature i used to be trying forward to the foremost. As so much as i used to be involved, theprogram would be created or broken right here. within the walkthrough video for this tab, you’re shownhowever merely fixing your niche keywords and choosing a handful of choices prompts Commission Killer toachieve bent on Google and Bing and grab content for you, spin it (so you aren’t reproved for duplicate content),and post it on your WordPress website. within the member’s space, the walkthrough video shows this featureoperating seamlessly.So what did my software package do? Well, my niche was “affiliate marketing” and there have been a completeof one,000 results. I set the software package to tug enough content for 5 pages that ought to are accomplishedamong the primary 2-3 pages of search results. That’s not what my software package did although. Nope. Noteven shut. My Commission Killer software package unbroken going, and going, and going similar to the EnergizerBunny till it reached the tip of the rope. Don’t believe me? Here may be a screenshot therefore you’ll be able tosee for yourself. It ran all the thanks to result #1,000 while not propulsion one word of content for my web site.And that, my friends, is once I gave up and set the Commission KillerCash Creator program fully sucked. There’ssimply no alternative conclusion to be drawn here. The Final finding of factI think it goes while not spoken communication at now that the Commission Killer Cash Creator package may bea buggy, noneffective ripoff that builds half-baked, half-complete websites. The software package can be emotiveif you found domain names with an outsized quantity of existing traffic and therefore the software packageworked as secure with none bugs, however you’re ne’er told you would like high traffic domains and worst of all,the software package is riddled with bugs. though it sets up WordPress on your Hostgator server mechanicallywith one click, once you progress over to figure on look and build content (two very necessary things),Commission Killer starts bugging out and falls very wanting creating you the mounds of cash and large
  • 4. commissions you were secure on the sales page.I’ve seen lots of software package and lots of ripoffs, however most publishers a minimum of make sure thesoftware package is totally useful and bug-free before they begin taking people’s cash. This software package hasthe nerve to prevent back of even that. If you’re yearning for one thing that throws along websites from a modelin similar fashion to a brain-fried pongid, Commission Killer is perhaps for you. And for the low, low worth ofsimply $146!Stay away from it and boycott anyone you see endorsing it. They’re lying to you if they are saying it’s somethinghowever a waste of your time and cash.

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