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October 2015
Metamorph Law set to launch in early 2016
Followingasuccessful substantial equityfundingro...
Notes to Editors
Metamorph Law Limited/SimonGoldhill
 MetamorphLaw has beencreated asa vehicle toacquire,transformandaggr...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Press release 29th October 2015 Metamorph Law set to launch in early 2016 Followingasuccessful substantial equityfundinground,MetamorphLaw isnow preparingto commence operations earlyin2016. Thiswill include obtaininganABSlicence andthe approachto the SRA has started. The equityfundraise,coupledwithdebtfacilitieswiththe Group’sbankersthatare currentlyunder discussion,will giveMetamorphLawthe resourcestoacquire at least5 firmsin 2016. Work is continuingonthe formal shape anddetail of the investment,boardandgovernance structuresand furtherannouncementswillfollowonce thishasbeencompleted. MetamorphLaw has alsomade its firstseniorexternal appointment.BobLabadie,formerly Commercial Directorof Co-operative Legal Services,hasagreedtojoinasManaging Director. Hisrole will include responsibilityfor all operations,including the installationandshapingof the systemsand technologyforthe groupand the integrationandperformance of acquiredbusinesses. Tony Stockdale,the Chairmanof Assure Law Limited, will become ExecutiveChairman. Significant rolesforotherseniormembersof Assure Law infinance,technology,strategicHRand change managementare inthe course of beingformalised. CEO SimonGoldhill said ‘We now have the resourcesinplace,bothintermsof finance andpeople,toenable usto buildthe structuresand processes we need tobe readyforacquisitionstostartin Q1 2016. I am excitedtobe workingwithTonyandthe restof the Assure Law teamin creatingthis business.Ourrelationshiphasdevelopedwell beyondourinitialexpectationsoverthe past fewmonthsandthe wealthof experience andexpertisetheybringisakeyelementof my confidence inourplansforlaunchand beyond.Tony,of course,bringsspecificskillsin acquisitionsanddeal making, inadditionto hishigh-level strategicinputandreach. I am delightedalsotowelcomeBobtothe team.He has unrivalledexperienceinbuilding and managingthe size andnature of operation we have inmind whichwill deliverthe supportprocessesandsystemstoour lawyersandotherfrontline staff toallow themto enhance the service theysupplytotheirclients.’
  • 2. Notes to Editors Metamorph Law Limited/SimonGoldhill  MetamorphLaw has beencreated asa vehicle toacquire,transformandaggregate existing highstreetlawfirms  Thismarket– whichisfocused mainly onresidential conveyancing,Wills,probate,familylaw and some routine workforlocal businesses –iscurrentlywortharound£8bn pa, still largely deliveredby8,000+ small 1-4 partnerhighstreetfirms.While firmsinthismarketmayalso undertake some personal injury andotherclaimswork,thisisnota significantfeatureof MetamorphLaw’s plans  SimonGoldhill formerlypracticedasa solicitorfor22 years.He thenco-foundedandwas COO of a volume mediationbusinessinthe motoraccidentrelatedpersonal injurymarket, InterResolve HoldingsLimited,whichhe tookfromconceptto VCinvestmentinlessthan6 years.More latterlyhe operatedaconsultancyfocusedonopportunitiesto innovate inthe liberalisedlegal market,whichincludeda6 monthappointmentasthe Special Advisoron ABS to Which?,before foundinganddevotinghisenergiestoMetamorphLaw Assure Law Limited/TonyStockdale  Assure Law Group was formedin2013. It assistslegal firmstoimprove profits.  Assure hasa unique range of servicesincludingleadgeneration,rehabilitationservices, strategicand operational advice, afull range of riskand compliance servicesand recruitmentHRand trainingservices  Assure’s brandsinclude Lawyers2you, SimplyRehabandHighStreetLawyer  Tony Stockdale hasextensiveexperience ingrowingprofessional servicesbusinesses,having takenRSM BentleyJennisonfroma3 partnerlocal practice to the 14th largestfirmof accountants in the UK, withover1,000 employeesand15 offices.Manyof the Assure Law consultantswhoare nowinvolvedwithMetamorphLaw were partof that journey  Tony alsobringsrecentfrontline legal marketmanagementexperience,havingbeenCEOof LinderMyersfor the past 18 months Bob Labadie  Bob isa solicitorwho,afterapractisingcareerwhichincludedover10 years’partnership experience,becameone of the 4 original foundersof Co-operative Legal Services(CLS) in 2006  CLS was the firstcorporate legal service tobe awardedanABS licence,aprocesswhichBob personallyran  He wasa directorof CLS until the endof 2013, buildingandmanagingall the legal operational partof the business.HisrolesincludedDirectorof Practice andCommercial Director.Duringthat time itgrew to a turnoverof £33m witha staff of 450  He waspart of the CLS managementteamawardedthe Financial TimesLegal PioneerAward 2011

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