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Natural Graphite Industry World Map 2012

Production & Exploration for Natural Graphit at the start of 2012.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural Graphite Industry World Map 2012

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Natural Graphite 2012 In the business of owning the raw materials that make up the chemistry of new technologies The Kearney Mine is Production & Exploration the largest confirmed mineral resource of any North American graphite prospect Simon Moores, Commercial & Sales, Ismene Clarke, Advertising Manager, TSX-V: FMS | OTCQX: FCSMF | GR: FKC Industrial mineral Skaland Graphite Prominvest Traelen, Norway Karelia Production: 8 Resource size MT: 1.5supplier focusing on Capacity: 12 Flake: 2.8-9.2% Flake: 85-99% Graphite and mica Flinders Resources Ltd Kringlegruvan mine, Sweden Northern Graphite Focus Metals Russia Bissett Creek, ON Formerly Woxna Graphite Lac Knife, QC - Flake Graphite/Macrocrystalline Graphite Status: Care & Maintenance Resource size MT: 7mt @ 9%C Canada Resource size MT: 80+ Flake: 1.5-2.5% Resource size MT: 8.1 Flake: 16.7% 80 - 99,5 % C Capacity: 13 Ontario Graphite Focus Metals isn’t Kearney, ON Portland Graphite Flake 10-15% Grafitove doly Stare Mesto - Amorphous Graphite 40 - 98 % C JSC Uralgraphite Resource size MT: 48 Portland, ON Czech Republic Flake: 6% Koh-i-noor Grafit Taiginsky Flake: 2.5% - Expandable Graphite Production: 3-5 your traditional S. Bohemia, Czech Republic Production: <5 Consolidated Thompson Mines Capacity: 10 Mega Graphite - Synthetic Graphite Flake Capacity: 5 Krasnoyarskgraphite Lac Gueret, QC Flake Kenora, ON (2 properties) Flake: 85-99.97% Kureiskoe Resource size MT: 2.6 Fortune Graphite Resource Size MT: 1 - Graphite Profiles and Foils mineral explorer. Graphite Tyn spol Zavalyevsky Graphite Complex Capacity: 8 Kootenay Mtns, BC Flake: 8.9%, 8.2% Flake: 15-40% S. Bohemia, Czech Republic Zavalye, Ukraine Amorph. - Graphite Dispersions Capacity: 40 Resource size MT: 6.7 Timcal Carbon & Graphite (Imerys) Flake Flake 7% Lac-des -Iles, QC - Carbon Products/Carbon Black Flake: 85-99.97% Production: 20 Graphit Kropfmuhl - Muscovite Mica Myeongji Mining Co/ Kores Flake: 94-99.99% Passau, Bavaria, Germany Jeongchon-gun, North Korea Eagle Graphite Greenlight Resources Flake Production: 40 Nelson, BC Golden Grove, Saint John, NB Capacity: 70 Production: 1.2 Flake: up to 32% Grafitbergbau Kaiserberg Flake Capacity: 8 Orocan Resources Corp. P.O. Box 1139 Styria, Austria Production: 26 Capacity: 45 Baia de Fier Turkey Kagansky Graphite Kyong Gi, Lyung Pak, South Korea Resource size MT: 2.5-3.0 Flake: 93-99% Mega Graphite Renfrew County, ON, Flake We are a developer, a China Vilcea , Romania Taskazganskoye, UzbekistanD-65331 Eltville am Rhein/Germany Amorph: 40-99.5% Flake: 30% Est Production: 3 Amorph.: 75% Grafitos de Asbury Kingston, ON (2 properties) Resource size MT: 1 technology solutions supplier, Tel.: +49-6123-70373-0 Flake Chungnam, Kang Won, South Korea Flake: 3.8% Fax: +49-6123-70373-17 Oysu Graphite Mining Co. Kutahya Various deposits Resource size MT: 1.0-1.5 Hermosillo Capacity: 25 Grafito de Mexico and a business innovator. Production: 5 Afghanistan Flake: 80% Telixtlahuaca, Oaxaca E-Mail: Capacity: 55 Resource size MT: 1 Amorph.: 65-85% Amorph. Amorph: 70-85% Flake Grafitos Mexicanos India Lourdes Amorph. Grafito Superior Sonora Mexico We own the best quality, Capacity: 25 Mothballed lowest-cost-to-produce KGLL Kurunegala Amorph: to 88% technology-grade graphite Resource size MT: 0.5 Sri Lanka RS Products in the world. Madipola Merelani Focus: China & India Bogala Graphite Lanka Tanzania Bogala To us, being our own best Resource size MT: 1 Capacity: 5 Heilongjiang Grafite do Brasil Flake Vein/lump: 90-99% Flake (Extractive Metaquina) Shanxi Inner Mongolia Zimbabwe German Graphite Mines Grafites de Ancuabe 9 majors Bahia Karoi, Zimbabwe Production: 4 Ancuabe, Mozambique Resource size MT: 5.6 Flake 2 majors Flake 2 majors Production: 250 Capacity: 250 Brazil Production: 30 Capacity: 30 customer for graphite means Mega Graphite Production: 50 Production: 20 assuming a leading role Capacity: 15 Flake: 6.3% Flake: 99.98% Palamau, Jharkhand Capacity: 60 Capacity: Flake Capacity: 5 Heibei Flake Magnesitas Refratarios SA in the coming graphene Flake: 89-99% 1 major Almenara, Minas Gerais Production: 10 Nacional de Grafite Start up: End-2012 Etablissements Izouard Agrawal Graphite Industries Temrimal, Dudkamal, Beharamunda Capacity: 10 Minas Gerais (3 mines) Production: 72 Target Capacity: 40 Flake revolution. Shandong Capacity: 72 Australia Moramanga, Madagascar Capacity: 5 Swakopmund Flake Flake: 87.7-99.9 Capacity: 2 Flake: 70-98% Grafita MG Namibia 3 majors Flake Minas Gerais Resource size MT: 36 Production: 75 TP Mineral Industries No output in 2010 & 2011 Flake: 4.3% Capacity: 90 Sambalpur, Phulbani, Koraput Capacity: 20 Capacity: 18 Flake: 65-85% Flake: to 98% Henan Jonkelkoza Minerals Flake Steamboat Graphite 1 major GR Graphite Industries Limpopo, South Africa Production: 15 Orissa Resource size MT: 3.5 Esperance, W.Australia Think Graphite today. Capacity: 10 Capacity: 15 Flake: 8.8% Resource size MT: 1.4 Flake: 70-97% Flake: 18.2% Lakshminarayan Makhanial Bolangir, Orissa China’s 2011 graphite output Mega Graphite Uley, S. Australia Production: 8 Archer Exploration Ltd Sugarloaf, S. Australia Capacity: 20 Flake: 85-95% Hubei Hunan Think Graphene for the future. Capacity: 16 Flake Flake Amorphous Legend Flake: 88-99% Tamil Nadu Minerals 2 Majors Capacity: 28 Luhe Taiqing mining area (Lutan) Sivaganga 45% 55% Graphite Producers Capacity: 5 220 mines Production: 550 Flake Amorphous Flake: 96% Graphite Exploration Projects Capacity: 700 All production and capacity figures in tonnes/year Lowest graphite production Highest graphite production Total:1,000,000 tonnes Luh Wall Chart v2 28.11.11 14:53 Seite 1 Mobile Engineering Polymers Lubricants for Refractories & Energy Materials Hot Metal Forming Metallurgy

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