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Skaland Graphite
Traelen, Norway
Talga Resources (Nunasvaara)
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Natural Graphite World Map 2014

A map depicting global flake graphite production and trade flows around the world.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natural Graphite World Map 2014

  • 1. Mexico To Germany From Madagascar From Sri Lanka Skaland Graphite Traelen, Norway Flake Talga Resources (Nunasvaara) Indicated: 5.6m tonnes Inferred: 2m tonnes 24.6% Raitajärvi Indicated: 3.4m tonnes Inferred: 0.9m tonnes 7.1% Flinders Resources (Kringel / Woxna Mine) Measured & Indicated: 2.64m tonnes 10.54% Norway Russia Turkey Ukraine Zimbabwe Madagascar Canada China Brazil Australia India Sri Lanka Grafitbergbau Kaiserberg Loeben, Austria Amorph AMG Mining /GK Kropfmühl Flake Oysu Graphite Mining Co. Kutahya Amorph Zavalyevsky Graphite Complex Zavalye, Ukraine Flake JSC Uralgraphite Taiginsky Flake Zimbabwe German Graphite Mines Karoi, Zimbabwe Flake Grafitos de Asbury Sonora Amorph. Grafitos Mexicanos Sonora Amorph. Nacional de Grafite Minas Gerais (3 mines) Flake Grafite do Brasil (Extractive Metaquina) Flake Etablissements Gallois SA Toamasina, Vatomandry Flake Stratmin Global Resources Loharano Mine, nr Brickaville Flake Krasnoyarskgraphite Kureiskoe Amorph. Eagle Graphite Corp. Nelson, BC Flake Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Ltd (KGLL) Kurunegala District Vein Bogala Graphite Lanka Bogala Vein/lump Flake Flake Flake Flake Flake Flake Flake Amorph. Flake Flake Germany Austria Natural Graphite 2014 Confirmed resources, trade flows & Simon Moores, Manager, Industrial Minerals Data, Ben Ash, Advertising, Industrial Minerals Data, > > HighestLowest Production Legend Graphite Mines Timcal Ltd Lac-des-liles, QC Flake Myeongji Mining Co/ Kores Jeongchon-gun, North Korea Flake Archer Exploration (Campoona) Measured & Indicated: 1.39m tonnes Inferred: 3.47m tonnes 10.8% Strategic Energy Resources (Uley) Measured & Indicated: 4.3m tonnes Inferred: 2.3m tonnes 8.7% Lincoln Minerals (Kookaburra Gully) Measured & Indicated: 1.56m tonnes Inferred: 700,000 tonnes 15% Focus Graphite (Lac Knife) Measured & Indicated: 4.93m tonnes Inferred: 3m tonnes 16% Mason Graphite (Lac Gueret) Measured & Indicated: 7.59m tonnes Inferred: 2.75m tonnes 19.29% Graphite One Inferred: 164.5m tonnes 4.61% Lamboo Resources (Geumam) Inferred: 2,000 tonnes 10% Ontario Graphite (Kearney) Indicated: 51.5m tonnes (2.14%) Inferred: 46.8m tonnes (2.0%) Northern Graphite (Bissett Creek) Measured & Indicated: 69.79m tonnes Inferred: 24m tonnes 1.74% Syrah Resources Inferred: 1.15bn tonnes 10.2% Energizer Resources Measured & indicated: 84m tonnes Inferred: 403.4m tonnes To USA To USA From Brazil Major Graphite Trade Flows NI 43-101 Confirmed Resource Inferred Measured and indicated JORC Confirmed Resource Inferred Measured and indicated Resource size: circles are relative to the total resources size; deposits over 100m tonnes have been curtailed for diagrammatic purposes think... GRAPHITE | ZEN : TSXV | ZENYF : OTCQX Magmatic Hydrothermal (vein type) Graphite Breccia Ultra-High Purity of 99.99% Carbon from Cheap and Easy Process Zenyatta_IndMinMag_MapAd.indd 1 2013-09-13 12:13 PM World biggest flake graphite resource - Total inferred resource; 1.15 billion tones with 10.2% TGC and 0.23% V2 O5 - High grade zones; 306 million tones with 16.1% TGC and 0.43% V2 O5 - Initial production target is 220,000 tpa concentrate with average 97% TGC Europe’sEurope’sEurope’s nextnextnext flake graphiteflake graphite mine New Lump-Vein Graphite Discovery in Quebec, Canada Refractories & Metallurgy Lubricants for Hot Metal Forming PolymersEngineering Materials Mobile Energy Other 5% Parts and components 10% Lubricants 9% Metallurgy 28% Batteries 9% Source: Industrial Minerals Data Refractories, foundries and crucibles 39% 2012 Production (tpa) 2012 Consumption (tpa) China 73% Brazil 13% India 4% Austria* 4% Canada 2% Mexico 1% Norway 1% Sri-Lanka 1% Other 1% Total production - 750,000 tonnes TALGAR E S O U R C E S NEW GRAPHITE SOURCES FOR EUROPE ASX: TLG 1st Floor, 2 Richardson St West Perth WA 6005 AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 8 9481 6667 N-9385 Skaland, Norway tlf. +47 77859600 – a company in the LNS-group EUROPE’S MAJOR PRODUCER OF CRYSTALLINE GRAPHITE The Kearney Mine is the largest confirmed mineral resource of any North American graphite project 705.636.5344

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