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Preventive Cardiology Clinic

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Heart Center OF THE ROCKIES P O U D R E V A L L E Y H E A LT H S Y S T E M Preventive Cardiology Clinic Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) is the #1 killer in the U.S. of both men and women and claims more lives each year than the next five leading causes of death combined. Our ability to prevent cardiovascular disease from developing or progressing has greatly improved in recent years through lifestyle changes, state-of-the-art preventive testing and therapy offered by the Preventive Cardiology Clinic. Expertise in Matters of the Heart The Preventive Cardiology clinic was specific preventive therapy for long term designed to meet patient's needs in cardiovascular health. preventing and/or reversing cardiovascular disease through state-of-the-art CRP Blood Test screening tests and current risk reduction Recently, we have come to understand management techniques. Patients with that inflammation within the heart artery known cardiovascular disease or those plays a major role in this disease process. at risk of cardiovascular disease due to There are numerous blood tests available elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, to measure active inflammation within family history for cardiovascular disease, the body. CRP (C-reactive protein) is diabetes, or smoking history are good one marker of inflammation, which is candidates for evaluation in the Preventive inexpensive and is readily available from Cardiology Clinic. The Preventive most local laboratories. Cardiology Clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to aggressive cardiovascular Numerous clinical trials have studied the Expanded Cholesterol Blood disease prevention. All patients will be significance of having an elevated CRP in Testing evaluated by a cardiologist specializing in patients with or at risk of cardiovascular Understanding and treating the traditional cardiovascular disease prevention and a disease. These trials have suggested that risk factors for heart disease such as registered dietitian. individuals with an elevated level of CRP high blood pressure, diabetes, high had a higher risk of having a heart attack cholesterol and smoking history has The following testing programs are than individuals with normal levels of CRP. made a major impact in the prevention available through the Preventive Cardiology of cardiovascular disease in the last Clinic: The primary focus in the “Preventive two decades. Unfortunately, traditional Cardiology Clinic” is to assess each risk factors help to explain the cause individual's risk of developing Nutrition Counseling of cardiovascular disease in individual cardiovascular disease and their risk of Nutrition counseling is available by a patients only half of the time. There are having heart events, i.e. heart attack. The registered dietitian with a master of science numerous other abnormalities which CRP test will help in achieving this goal in degree. Counseling will be individualized may be present in the blood stream of many of the patients we are treating. based on the patient's needs, dietary habits patients with cardiovascular disease that and screening test results. Exercise will be can now be tested for and can help us Coronary Calcium Scans discussed during nutrition counseling. better understand the specific cause(s) If a person develops coronary artery disease The patients are also welcome to participate in the individual patient. Expanded during their lifetime, calcium is deposited in regularly scheduled heart healthy cholesterol tests such as the LipoScience in the vessel wall as part of the cooking classes. profile and Berkeley HeartLab tests help to disease process. Specialized CAT scans identify other significant abnormalities in of the heart have been able to document patients with/or at risk for cardiovascular the presence or absence of this coronary disease and aid in designing a more (continued on back)
  • 2. Heart Center of the Rockies, the region’s premier heart center, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive program of advanced cardiovascular care throughout Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska. artery calcium. The amount of coronary Carotid IMT Test Location: calcium present correlates well to the The carotid artery intima-media thickness overall amount of coronary artery plaque (IMT) test is another form of screening ■ Fort Collins – Harmony Campus 2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 100 & 200 present in the arteries. Many studies to detect evidence of early cardiovascular Fort Collins, CO 80528 have documented that the amount of disease. The procedure is a simple (970) 221-1000, (800) 459-4241 coronary calcium present can predict a ultrasound of the carotid artery in the patient's future risk of heart attack. Just neck. This procedure is painless and ■ Loveland Office as importantly, the absence of detectable free of radiation and available through 2500 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Suite 100 coronary artery calcium places the patient the Preventive Cardiology Clinic. The Loveland, CO 80538 at a very low risk of future heart attacks information gained from the carotid IMT (970) 624 1800, (800) 459-4241 over the near future. By identifying patients test helps to identify patients at higher at higher risk of future events, we can be risk of heart disease and stroke and much more aggressive in our preventive directs our staff towards a more aggressive Preventive Cardiology Clinic testing and treatment. These coronary cardiovascular disease prevention strategy. Staff: calcium scores are available through the This carotid IMT test can also be utilized to Preventive Cardiology Clinic as well as follow the success of our preventive therapy Physicians: interpretation of the results and long term in patients with known cardiovascular Roger C. Ashmore, M.D. (Director) recommendations regarding preventive disease. Stephen A. Treat, M.D. therapy. Patrick Green, M.D. Dietitians: Jenifer A. Bowman, M.S., R.D. Stephanie Yoo, M.S., R.D. Heart Center OF THE ROCKIES P O U D R E V A L L E Y H E A LT H S Y S T E M For more information call (970) 221-1000, (800) 459-4241, or visit www.heartcenteroftherockies.com Exper tise in Matters of the Hear t 11/19/07 E-1642

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