The recruitment toolkit you never knew you had!<br />
What is the NNE?<br />Was established to help match graduate schools with<br />minority students interested in graduate ed...
Member Institutions [52]<br />Arizona State University<br />Boise State University<br />Boise State University<br />Brown ...
University of Chicago
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Delaware
University of Florida
University of Idaho
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
University of Kansas
University of Maryland, College Park
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National Name Exchange 2.0 [Overview for UW Depts]

National Name Exchange overview for UW Departments.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National Name Exchange 2.0 [Overview for UW Depts]

  • 1. The recruitment toolkit you never knew you had!<br />
  • 2. What is the NNE?<br />Was established to help match graduate schools with<br />minority students interested in graduate education.<br />The National Name Exchange seeks to:<br />Increase the number of qualified minority students accepted into graduate school; <br />Improve student access to information on graduate school opportunities.<br />Work towards personalizing the recruitment effort by designating a National Name Exchange institutional & department representatives to facilitate information exchange between the institution and prospective students.<br />Assist graduate schools (and depts) in identifying qualified minority candidates for consideration for graduate study.<br />
  • 3. Member Institutions [52]<br />Arizona State University<br />Boise State University<br />Boise State University<br />Brown University<br />California Institute of Technology<br />Cornell University<br />Duke University<br />Florida A & M University<br />Harvard University<br />Howard University<br />New Mexico State University<br />Northwestern University<br />Ohio State University<br />Oregon State University<br />Princeton University<br />Rutgers University<br />Stanford University<br />Texas A & M University<br />University of Arizona<br />University of California, Berkeley<br />University of California, Davis<br />University of California, Irvine<br />University of California, Los Angeles <br />University of California, Riverside <br />University of California, San Diego <br /><ul><li>University of California, Santa Cruz
  • 4. University of Chicago
  • 5. University of Colorado, Boulder
  • 6. University of Delaware
  • 7. University of Florida
  • 8. University of Idaho
  • 9. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • 10. University of Kansas
  • 11. University of Maryland, College Park
  • 12. University of Miami
  • 13. University of Michigan
  • 14. University of Minnesota
  • 15. University of Nevada
  • 16. University of New Mexico
  • 17. University of North Carolina
  • 18. University of North Texas
  • 19. University of Oklahoma
  • 20. University of Pennsylvania
  • 21. University of Southern California
  • 22. University of Texas, Austin
  • 23. University of Utah
  • 24. University of Virginia
  • 25. University of Washington
  • 26. University of Wyoming
  • 27. Washington State University
  • 28. Washington University
  • 29. Yale University</li></li></ul><li>UW Departments Using NNE [77]<br />Accounting<br />Aeronautics and Astronautics<br />Anthropology <br />Aquatic & Fishery Sciences<br />Architecture <br />Art <br />Asian Languages and Literature<br />Astronomy <br />Atmospheric Sciences<br />Biochemistry <br />Bioengineering <br />Biology <br />Biomedical and Health Informatics<br />Biostatistics <br />Chemical Engineering<br />Chemistry <br />Civil & Environmental Engineering<br />Classics <br />Communication <br />Comparative Literature<br />Computer Science & Engineering<br />Department of Health Services<br />Drama<br />Earth and Space Sciences<br />Economics* <br />Education <br />Electrical Engineering<br />English <br /><ul><li>Environmental and Occupational </li></ul> Health Sciences <br /><ul><li>Environmental Health
  • 30. Epidemiology
  • 31. Evans School of Public Affairs
  • 32. Forest Resources
  • 33. Genome Sciences
  • 34. Germanics
  • 35. Graduate Admissions
  • 36. Graduate School
  • 37. Health Services
  • 38. History
  • 39. IAS - Master of Arts in Policy Studies
  • 40. Immunology
  • 41. Industrial Engineering
  • 42. Information School
  • 43. Institute of Technology [UWB]
  • 44. Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • 45. International Studies
  • 46. Linguistics
  • 47. Materials Science and Engineering
  • 48. Mathematics
  • 49. MCB
  • 50. Mechanical Engineering
  • 51. Medical History and Ethics
  • 52. Medicinal Chemistry
  • 53. Microbiology
  • 54. Museology
  • 55. Music*
  • 56. Neurobiology & Behavior*
  • 57. Nursing
  • 58. Oceanography
  • 59. Oral Biology
  • 60. Pathobiology, Global Health
  • 61. Pathology
  • 62. Philosophy*
  • 63. Physics
  • 64. Physiology and Biophysics
  • 65. Political Science
  • 66. Psychology*
  • 67. Public Health Genetics
  • 68. Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management*
  • 69. Rehabilitation Medicine
  • 70. Social Work
  • 71. Sociology
  • 72. Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • 73. Technical Communication
  • 74. Urban Design and Planning
  • 75. Women Studies </li></ul>*= depts who use notes feature<br />
  • 76. How Do Students Benefit?<br />Participating in the National Name Exchange has really been valuable to me. It’s been an eye opening experience. It really feels good when top institutions contact you to let you know about their graduate programs. This has taught me not to limit myself when applying to graduate school and to aim for nothing less than the stars.<br />— Student Participant, University of Maryland<br />I am hearing from schools that I’m not sure I would have pursued otherwise, such as Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.<br />Student Participant, University of Florida — <br />
  • 77. What’s In It For Us?<br />Relationship management<br />Store notes [i.e. contacted student on 3/30, is also considering offers from Berkeley, etc.]<br />Custom filter information that’s important to your program<br />Sort by GPA, graduation year, ethnicity, research experience, area of interest, institution, already contacted, date contacted<br />Access to over 6K students nationwide<br />
  • 78. What’s In It For Us? Con’t<br />Real time access to student info & notifications<br />Create/store email templates to students<br />i.e. Response to students seeking info about specific programs in department, Funding opportunities, About the UW/Seattle<br />
  • 79. Current Participants<br />
  • 80. Manage Academic Programs<br />
  • 81. How Departments use the NNE<br />To let students know when they’re in town for recruitment fairs, coffee, etc.<br />Sort by institution, zip code, etc.<br />Sync with departmental prospective student database<br />Maintain communication with prospectives year round, rather than 1x year.<br />
  • 82. Contact:<br />Sophia Agtarap: OR 206.543.9016 in the GO-MAP Office<br />Need a log-in, or forgot yours<br />Refresher on how to use the NNE<br />Go over best practices<br />