POPULARITY OF SPANISH LANGUAGEWith increased globalization, most companies in the world are expanding their operations too...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. POPULARITY OF SPANISH LANGUAGEWith increased globalization, most companies in the world are expanding their operations toother countries. Different countries have their different native languages. To do business in thesehost countries, it is necessary to learn how to communicate fluently with business people in theirnative language. Travelling to foreign countries has also emerged as an adventure. Learning asecond language poses greater benefits of enjoying the culture of foreign countries, hence greaterenjoyment of a foreign trip. In addition, bilingual persons are at an advantage of getting more jobopportunities. For instance, Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.Therefore, professionals seeking to nurture their carriers with the UN should at least learn asecond language. Learning Spanish is a good choice for those people with the need ofreinventing themselves to match the world standards.Learn to speak SpanishSpanish language is the fourth-most widely spoken language in the world after English, Chineseand Hindustian (in that order). It is a member of the Indo-European family languages that havetheir roots in the Latin language that was imposed by the Roman rulers during the reign of theRoman Empire. It has over 400 million speakers worldwide and the number is still growingrapidly. It is the second most studied language in the world and the third most popular languageon the Internet. There are various reasons as to why it is the second most studiedlanguage.First, it is preferred by students and business persons as it is easy to learn as compared to otherlanguages. As a bonus, students learning Spanish get a deeper understanding of other Romancelanguages such as Italian and Latin. Learning the rich-Spanish culture is rewarding and leads toincreased enjoyment of the Spanish music, literature, and movies. Secondly, it is considered asthe best language to express ones feelings. Famous Spanish writers are a proof that Spanishlanguage offers the best platform to express their feelings. Next is the sound of the language. It isvery rewarding to listen to and understand the language.Pimsleur SpanishListen to any great songs done by the likes of Enrique Iglesias and Julio and you will learn more.The final reason is because of the number of Spanish speaking countries. It is believed that over20 countries have adopted Spanish as their second or third official language. Some of theseSpanish speaking countries are Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, USA and India amongothers.

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