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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Education:   ³ University  at  Buffalo,  The  State  University  of  New  York  –  GPA  3.49   • Bachelor  of  Science,  Computer  Science,  Cum  Laude,  December  2014   • Honors  College  Scholar  and  Provost  Scholarship  Recipient   • Association  for  Computing  Machinery  Student  Chapter  Member  and  Officer  (September  2011  –   December  2014)   o Vice  President  '12-­‐'13,  Secretary  '13-­‐'14   o Arranged  social  events  and  coordinated  “Tech  Talk”  workshop  nights   o Organized  "UB  Hacking,"  a  24-­‐hour  coding  competition  event  with  over  150  attendees     Technical  Skills:   ³ Java   • Created  a  Java  interactive  game  for  practicing  introductory  Italian  skills  (Fall  2012)   • Designed  and  Implemented  a  Java  Graphical  User  Interface  Game  called  Metro  (Spring  2012)   o Collaborated  with  a  3-­‐person  team  to  create  a  functioning  Java  game   o Worked  on  back-­‐end  coding,  documentation,  and  JUnit  testing   ³ C++   • Developed  programs  for  the  Arduino  Uno  microcontroller  and  class  projects  (Summer  2014  –   Fall  2014)   o Created  LightUpYourNight!,  a  remote  controlled  LED  backlight  that  responds  to  sound   (Fall  2014)   ³ C   • Wrote  shell  commands  for  Xinu  embedded  OS  (Fall  2014)   • Developed  an  Operating  System  Kernel  using  C  and  MIPS  in  Lubuntu  environment  (Spring  2014)   o Worked  with  a  partner  to  design  and  implement  various  aspects  of  an  OS  kernel   ³ Software  and  Hardware  Engineering   • Worked  on  an  8-­‐person  team  to  design  a  system  which  aids  a  disabled  adult  with  his  balance   (Fall  2014)  –  website:   o Gained  experience  with  requirements  specification,  incremental  development,  client   communication,  and  testing  while  cooperatively  managing  a  large-­‐scale  project   ³ Familiar  with  using  Git  and  CVS  for  code  versioning,  Eclipse,  Vim,  Python,  and  Prolog   ³ Knowledge  of  Systems  Administration,  SharePoint,  Autodesk,  Data  Mining  with  Weka,  Android  SDK,   Algorithm  Design,  Multithreading,  Ruby,  ML,  MIPS,  Mac  OS  X,  Windows  and  Linux  Operating  Systems   ³ Experienced  with  building  a  robot  as  a  Mechanical  Team  Member  of  Pittsford  Mendon  High  School  FIRST   Robotics  Team  (September  2009  -­‐  June  2011)     Employment  History:   ³ Disney  College  Program  Intern  –  Walt  Disney  World,  FL  (January  2015  –  May  2015)   • Worked  in  Showkeeping  at  Disney’s  Grand  Floridian  Resort  &  Spa  and  Parade  Audience  Control   at  Magic  Kingdom  Park   • Gained  knowledge  of  large-­‐company  procedures  through  marketing,  engineering  and  park   operations  classes   ³ Student  Employee  -­‐  UB  Campus  Dining  and  Shops  –  Ellicott  Food  Court,  Buffalo,  NY  (January  2014  –   December  2014)   ³ Front  End  Sales  Associate  -­‐  Rite  Aid  Pharmacy  –  Rochester,  NY  (September  2010  -­‐  August  2011,  May  2012  –   August  2014)   Stephen  H.  Keller   Please  Ask  for  Address   (585)  474  –  4070                                View  projects  on  GitHub:

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