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Press release larke v nugus

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release larke v nugus

  • 1. STEP Qld Branch GPO Box 2275 BRISBANE Q 4001 PRESS RELEASE - 22 JULY 2011STEP is pleased to announce a Guidance Note on Disputed Wills has now been approved andpublished by the Queensland Law Society (QLS).It is located on the QLS Ethics website at: Guidance Note directs practitioners as to their ethical obligations in the face of a challengeto the validity of a will. It provides instructions and recommendations to solicitors who findthemselves in the unfortunate situation of facing a challenge to a will they (or someone in theirfirm) may have drawn.The framework of the Guidance Note is derived from a similar note published by the Law Societyof England and Wales and approved by the Court of Appeal in Larke v Nugus (2000) WTLR1033.The QLS note was drafted by QLS Ethics Officer Stafford Shepherd (a member of STEP) andapproved by the Succession Law Section and the Ethics Committee. Step urges all members torefer to and comply with the guidance note, when faced with a will challenge.STEP is grateful to the QLS for providing a useful and practical tool for the assistance ofQueensland solicitors.Yours faithfullySTEP – Qld BranchCaite Brewer –

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