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All the good stuff in our foods... All the bad stuff not in our foods... ...
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Natural pet centre leaflet

Natural Pet Centre Leaflet
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Products ServicesNatural food ranges Veterinary Nurse Servicesfor all your pets needs Nutritional adviceincluding: Help with skin & digestive problemsDogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Weight ClinicsChinchillas & more MicrochippingDog Food Ranges Behaviour ServicesDry complete dog food One to one consultations for any age & any problem.Hypoallergenic One to one puppy trainingGrain Free Puppy SocialisationPremium & Value Ranges Home VisitsWet Complete Grooming ServicesRaw Foods Bathing & DryingNatural Flea Treatments Full breed standard cutsFor Dogs & Cats Ear PluckingNatural Worming Products Nail ClippingFor Dogs & Cats Alternative TherapiesHerbal Supplements ReikiTo help with treatment of specific conditions Please contact Chiropractor us for enquiriesTraining Aids & pricesFrom pups behaviour & toileting issuesLeads and CollarsA wide range to suite allGrooming EquipmentHigh Quality Products Treats, Toys, Bedding and much more
  • 2. All the good stuff in our foods... All the bad stuff not in our foods... Where are we...Human grade, good quality protein Meat & Animal Derivativesessential for the immune system, growth & energy. poor quality cheap by productsWhite & Brown rice Additivesan essential form of carbohydrate. to enhance palatability & shelf life - with detrimental effectsMaize & Barley Preservativesalso essential carbohydrates. to lengthen shelf life but may cause many problems, ie. Liveroatsa fantastic slow release carbohydrate. Colourants make food morePotato appealing to the ownera grain free alternative - but may becarbohydrate. carcinogenic.Chicken oil Added Saltfor essential fatty for palatability - notacids. necessary & hasBrewers yeast health aid digestion. Added Sugars which our pets Natural Pet CentreSugar Beetfor dietary fibre. may get addicted to. Unit 7, Carrock RoadSalmon oil Croft Business Parkfor general health & coat Bromboroughcondition. WirralVitamins & Minerals NoNE oF THESE CH62 3RAessential for all bodily functions. iNGREDiENTS WiLL BE FouND iN ANy oF ouR 0151 345 1757yucca Extractto reduce faecal odour. PRoDuCTS AT ALL., Chondroitin & MSMfor joint muscle & tendon health. it is our company belief - you are what you eat and this applies to our pets too!

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