Pop-Up Exhibit, Trade Show Pop-Up, Pop-Up DisplaysWho would have known that this simple design would still be selling afte...
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Pop-Up Exhibit, Trade Show Pop-Up, Pop-Up Displays

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pop-Up Exhibit, Trade Show Pop-Up, Pop-Up Displays

  • 1. Pop-Up Exhibit, Trade Show Pop-Up, Pop-Up DisplaysWho would have known that this simple design would still be selling after thirty + years? Thereasons for this are fairly straightforward. From the beginning, pop-ups were designed forease of set up. One person can set one up in 15-30 minutes depending upon skill level. If thiswere the only advantage of Pop up booths, it would be significant. However, theres more.Most exhibitors really dislike having to wait for their shipping cases to be delivered to them atthe end of a show. To this day, Pop ups are still one of the only displays available that allowsyou to disguise theShipping Casewith a case-to-table conversion kit. You get to keep yourcase handy for an easy get-a-way at the end of the show plus you gain a reception counter.What is the primary function of an exhibit? If done professionally, it will communicate easily toa show attendee as to what the exhibitor offers and why they would want to stop and enterthe exhibit space. A pop-up with photo murals remains one of the most effective billboards onthe planet. When done well, the message can be clear and compelling. The initial cost andongoing expense of owning a pop-up display are further reasons as to why they remain sopopular. While a pop-up with photo murals used to sell for $4,000+ less than ten years agoyou can now purchase one for less than $1600.00, you can find a fully equipped pop up kitwith four front mural panels. This price range has opened the market to many companies thatmight not have been able to afford aTrade Showa few years ago. It is not only start-up,though, that are still buying pop-ups. Every company needs one for a regional show, a mallshow, a city or county show – and now having one in the corner is affordable.When convenience is key there is nothing better than a pop-up exhibit. They are lightweight,portable and easy to assemble. Popup displays work well for small trade shows andconventions or with larger trade show exhibits where a banner stand just won’t do. Ourpopup units are available with full mural graphic panels, Velcro receptive fabric panels, or thenewest innovation, a stretch fabric graphic mural.If trade show display portability and set up ease are important factors for your organization,portable pop up displays fit the bill perfectly. A pop up display booth is easy to transportwherever youre going for your trade show or presentation. Additionally, these pop-up tradeshow displays are incredibly simple to assemble and disassemble. Our portable pop updisplay booths use accordion-style extruded aluminum frames, in a variety of shapes andsizes including tabletop, 8’, 10’, and 20’ floor models. All of our pop up systems can becovered with easy to attach, magnetic, Velcro compatible fabric panels in a choice of colorsor photo mural panels. Our lightweight, self locking aluminum frames make them extremelyeasy to set up and take down, and one person is often enough for the job.Ideal for graphic murals, pop up trade show displays provide a dynamic, seamlessappearance. trade show display, trade show pop up

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