Melissa, Per our telephone conversation, here is our press release. Please feel free to conta...
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Press Release FL Local

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Melissa, Per our telephone conversation, here is our press release. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information. Thank you, Elaine M. Jones Fort Pierce - ATX Forms Inc., the rapidly growing tax software firm that opened a new programming division in Fort Pierce just last June, is planning to double its staff over the next few months. By June, ATX plans to have a staff of over twenty programmers in order to help the firm launch a major new tax program named MAX. According to ATX president Steve Willett, ATX Forms sees an opportunity to more than triple its sales over the next two years. In order to achieve this growth, Willett notes that it will be dependent on the ability for the firm to attract new employees, to the Fort Pierce division, who have the ability to create Excel spreadsheets. This past year ATX, whose headquarters are located in Caribou, Maine, was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America. There are over 350,000 tax preparers in America ranging from the part time income tax preparers to major Accounting firms. That being the case, Willett is confident that ATX has, "unlimited potential for growth." In addition to tax programs ATX also develops electronic tax forms. Currently the firm is researching new markets where it can apply its electronic forms technology. The insurance and legal industries are just two categories that ATX is looking into. Commenting on their decision to locate the new division in Fort Pierce, Willett says that he, "couldnt be happier." "Our current staff is very happy and stable", says Willett, who is pleased to note that even those who moved to Fort Pierce from Northern Maine have adjusted easily. "I know it sounds logical that they would like Florida," says Willett, "but its a big adjustment and they have adapted to it easily." Willett does say that he is concerned whether or not they can find the number of employees they may need in the future. "Im not concerned at the moment," he says, "but this (the ability to double current staff) will be a test of whether we have made the totally right decision."Willett is encouraging anyone with good computer skills and the ability to work with Excel spreadsheets toapply immediately. The firm is requesting resumes to be mailed to their Ft. Pierce office, 415 Avenue A,Ft. Pierce, FL 34950.

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