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Fully featured Global PBX in the Cloud is easy to set up
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Cloud PBX Fully featured Global PBX in the Cloud is easy to set up and operate. Integrates with CRM and Dynamic IVR. • Make calls from anywhere • Calls between geographically diverse offices • No capital outlay • Pay as you go, per user per month pricing Report 120 Real-time Business Intelligence reports within Salesforce, fully customisable within • Gain real time intelligence about all your calls • Ensure your most important customers are being called • Monitor sales call productivity Record Call recordings are dynamically populated into Salesforce and emailed to you with multiple storage options. • Save sales time by not having to document a call • Monitor sales performance for quality and coaching purposes • Store recordings in the cloud • Multiple storage period options Capture Log all inbound and outbound fixed and mobile call data to contact, account, opportunity, case or/and custom records. Logs all 60 data points for every call. • Save valuable sales time documenting calls into Salesforce • Ensure accuracy of data in CRM • Never miss a call CTI Natterbox CTI with click to dial, screen pop and wrap-up codes with an automatic follow-up scheduler and a single sign-on with Salesforce. • Save valuable sales time searching for records • Personalise the customer experience by displaying callers name to sales agent • Save time with accurate dialling • Document the sales process the way you want Natterbox Solution Benefits for Sales & Service Cloud EMEA +44 203 510 0500 / USA +1 646 762 2111 / APAC +61 2 8244 3000 / Nordics +46 8 4030 9112 / Route Relationship based routing leveraging Salesforce data which prioritises calls based on any Salesforce field. Route campaign calls and call multiple devices. • Creating unique caller experiences • Prioritise VIP callers • SMS, email alert triggered calls • Ensure you never miss that important call Empowering Salesforce with Voice Over 65% of business to business interactions still take place via the phone but customer conversations are rarely captured into Salesforce and used to ensure an optimal customer experience. This leads to poor sales and service performance as well as poor customer satisfaction. Natterbox solves these business telephony issues and brings voice into the digitised customer experience. Our voice and cloud PBX services capture and integrate voice into Salesforce. Over 250 organisations around the world rely on Natterbox to set new standards in customer experience to drive measurable increases in sales efficiency, competitive advantage and organisational success.
  • 2. EMEA +44 203 510 0500 / USA +1 646 762 2111 / APAC +61 2 8244 3000 / Nordics +46 8 4030 9112 / The voice of Natterbox customers Business impact • Fully integrated all call activity into Salesforce • Voice technology allows for unlimited calls and is very cost effective • Unification of call metrics across EMEA “Natterbox is always one step ahead of the game. This is a long-term relationship. They make voice work for our business. Natterbox is at the forefront of voice technology. Their team is dynamic and innovative, and always respond to what we need.” Business impact • Increased call productivity • Voice recording for training • Accurate customer data capture “Natterbox understood the requirements and were able to integrate the solution to exactly meet Legal & General’s needs.” Business impact • Salesforce interaction time per call reduced by 3 or 4 minutes • Users speed up the process of making calls and logging call information in Salesforce • Call data is captured in a standardised way for improved business intelligence and reporting “Sales effectiveness subsequently generated significant growth for the company.” “Natterbox was able to get the system implemented in less than two weeks.” Business impact • Track every sales call from initial contact to close, better lead nurturing, improved sales conversion. • Total visibility of individual and team sales performance, helping to shape sales strategy, predict department revenues and cash flow. • Smart call routing ensuring every inbound call connects instantly and directly to a native speaker or a personal account manager “It’s new technology helping us deliver ‘old school’ customer service. It doesn’t matter how fast we grow, our customers deserve to be treated as people and not account numbers.” “From having no visibility at all, we can now track the progress of every sales lead. I have complete transparency of the effectiveness of my sales team.” Business impact • Every call logged • Salesforce call data accuracy and analysis “With a reliable system, focus can shift from infrastructure and on to the customers - who are most important.” NatterboxTV NatterboxUK Natterbox-limited

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