THURSDAY, 7 JULY 201107:30 am Registration09:00 am Welcoming Remarks by YBhg Dr Aminuddin Hassim, Director of INTAN ...
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National ICT Conference 2011 event agenda

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - National ICT Conference 2011 event agenda

  • 1. THURSDAY, 7 JULY 201107:30 am Registration09:00 am Welcoming Remarks by YBhg Dr Aminuddin Hassim, Director of INTAN Opening Speech by YBhg Dato Sri Abu Bakar Hj Abdullah, Director General of Public Service of Malaysia09.20 am Executive Keynote Address: Government’s Digital Transformation Imperatives for a High Income Economy10.00 am Plenary 1: Digital Transformation: the New Reality10.30 am Tea & Networking11.00 am Plenary 2: Infusion of Technology for Global Competitiveness11.30 am Panel Discussion: Digital Engagement: Empowering Citizens, Businesses and Government01.00 pm Lunch02.15 pm Plenary 3: Sustaining the Digital Transformation and Extending its Reach02.45 pm Plenary 4: ICT: A Key Enabler for GTP03.15 pm Parallel 1A: ECONOMY TRACK Digital Transformation for a High Income Economy Topic 1: A Digitally Enabled Business: From Challenges to Opportunities Topic 2: ICT Cultivating a New Paradigm in Sustainable Agriculture Topic 3: Virtual Enterprise: Enhancing Business Competitiveness for SMEs Parallel 1B: SECURITY TRACK Ensuring a Safer, Stronger Digital Marketplace Topic 1: Governance of Online Presence Topic 2: Transact on Palm: Mobile Banking-I Topic 3: Secured Online Transactions: Enhancing Trust in Digital Delivery Channels04.45 pm Tea & Networking FRIDAY, 8 JULY 201108:30 am Exhibition and Networking09:00 am Plenary 5: Building on Good Practice - the Taiwan Experience09:40 am Plenary 6 : Digitally Transforming the Malaysian Judiciary10:10 am Tea & Networking10:30 am Plenary 7: Standardising the Cloud : Implications for the Government and Businesses11:00 am PARALLEL 2A : TECHNOLOGY TRACK Dynamic ICT Ecosystem Driving Competitiveness Topic 1: Product Assessment: A Necessity! Topic 2: Making Green Greener Topic 3: M-Government: The Forefront of Public Services PARALLEL 2B : SOCIAL TRACK Leveraging ICT for Enhanced Quality of Life Topic 1: Working Towards a Digitally Inclusive Society Topic 2: Empowering Communities Topic 3: ICT Beats Crime12:15 pm Lunch02:45 pm Plenary 8: Moving Towards an Innovative Digital Society03:15 pm Plenary 9: Digital Transformation in the Public Sector – Aspirations versus Reality04:00 pm NICT2011 Wrap Up04:15 pm "Teh Tarik" Session with YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Moderated by YBhg Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, MDeC CEO05:00 pm Tea & Networking END OF CONFERENCE

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