region. Attendees at the Cyber conference will include government andmilitary decision makers, private cyber practitioners...
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Nandhakwang thailand 07132012

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. ASIA-PACIFIC CENTER FOR SECURITY STUDIES 2058 MALUHIA ROAD HONOLULU, HAWAII 96815-1949 0916 Ser CONF/Colonel Teeranan Nandhakwang • * ! " "" -National Defense CollegeNational Defense Studies InstituteRoyal Thai Armed Forces HeadguartersViphavadee RoadBangkok, ThailandDear Colonel Nandhakwang: The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS), incooperation with the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP),invites you to participate in an International Alumni ContinuingEngagement Workshop, "Cyberia: Identity, Cyberspace and NationalSecurity, Views on Regional Cooperation" on August 21-22, 2012, and aconference on "Cyber Security and Cyber Terrorism" on August 23-24,2012. Both events will take place in Singapore. The two-day APCSS workshop will focus on issues of identity andsecurity in Southeast Asia. The region, one of the most ethnically,culturally and linguistically diverse areas in the world, is also hostto deeply entrenched national, ethnic and cultural hostility, creatingsecurity concerns among the countries. Through presentations byprominent subject matter experts and small group discussionsfacilitated by APCSS faculty, the workshop will examine national,ethnic and cultural self-representations in the cyber domain, theimpact on national security and identify effective practices to manageidentity-based issues. Participants in the workshop will be security practitioners fromIndonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand andrepresentatives from regional and international organizations.Through a sharing of effective practices by practitioners in theforefront of efforts against reducing identity-based threats to theregion, participants will explore ways to strengthen and integratewhole-of-government approaches to mitigate conflict. Participantswill also consider a possible framework for reconciliation ofidentity-based conflict, discuss lessons learnt and identify nextsteps. Following the workshop, we invite you to participate in a two-dayconference on "Cyber Security and Cyber Terrorism". The U.S. NationalDefense University iCollege, in cooperation with the NationalUniversity of Singapore, is organizing the conference. Specificsessions of this conference will focus on trends in cyber security,preventing cyber terrorism, establishing public-private partnerships,including international cyber collaboration in the Asia-Pacific
  • 2. region. Attendees at the Cyber conference will include government andmilitary decision makers, private cyber practitioners, and academicexperts on cyber security and cyber terrorism topics. The combined workshop and conference offers APCSS alumni who hadbeen funded previously by CTFP or the International CounterterrorismFellows (ICTF) Program a unique opportunity to focus on identitysecurity, cyber security and cyber terrorism in Southeast Asia. Draft agenda for the workshop and conference are included withthis letter. All workshop and conference proceedings will be inEnglish. All comments made during the workshop will remainnot-for-attribution. APCSS/CTFP will host your round-trip economy airfare and workshopexpenses, to include your hotel lodging and meals. If you choose tohave family members accompany you, they must do so at their ownexpense. To respond to this invitation, please return the enclosed workshopforms and a one-paragraph (narrative) biography, plus a photo, and acopy of your passport photo page as soon as possible. Upon receipt ofyour forms, APCSS will begin coordination of your travel arrangements. If you have any questions regarding your role in this workshop,please contact Associate Professor Shyam Tekwani, APCSS Academic Lead,at telephone: 1-808-971-8961, fax: 1-808-971-8949, or by For logistical questions, please contactMs. Cherrielynn Kamahele, APCSS Logistics Coordinator, at telephone1-808-971-4050, fax: 1-808-971-8989, or by email: We know you will make a valuable contribution to this workshop andlook forward to welcoming you. Sincerely, ?. LEAF Lieutenant General U. S. Air Force (Retired) DirectorEnclosures: 1. Draft Agenda 2. Participant Form 3. Airline/Hotel Form 4. Information Sheet

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