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Pond's Age Miracle - Look ten year younger

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pond's Age Miracle - Look ten year younger

  • 1. Case Study _ Pond’s Age Miracle Follow us on CASESkin care has always been the most important category in the global beauty market. By2014, skin care industry will increase its already sizeable lead in the beauty market to reach$91billion, driven primarily by the Asian market. The market has mainly been driven byimproving purchasing power and rising fashion consciousness of the consumers.Pond’s Age Miracle recently launched their new Age Miracle product which addresses skinissues. While there was already clutter with multiple specialization beauty care products inthe market, Pond’s wanted to demonstrate the USP of their product to their prospectiveconsumers, as just explaining the advantages of the product would not give them the rightmileage. Furthermore, Pond’s wanted their consumers to believe in the product prior topurchasing it.SOLUTIONAll beauty products are most appealing to their consumers when they meet the rightaspiration. Positive demonstration will act as catalyst in building a deeper connects with theconsumer. But the challenge was in building a positive connect while setting the rightexpectation about the product even before the consumer bought it and also to demonstratethe real benefits of the product.TELiBrahma made this possible byallowing consumers to experience theadvantages of Pond’s Age Miracle wellbefore they bought it, giving them astrong enough reason to make impulsepurchases. TELiBrahma integratedUnilever data and our image processingengine to clinically determine the skinissues and effect of using anti-agingcreams. Based on the available data, anaccurate estimation was arrived at thepossible age of skin, issues with it and the effect on it. A virtual Pond’s experiential zonepowered by POINT was set up, which encouraged visitors to discover the reduction in finelines, wrinkles & age spots on their facial skin.Consumers could also receive all the above experiences on their mobile phones by firstcapturing the product package and then clicking a person’s face.RESULTS 40% increase in the sale was observed during the campaign period Over 800 users discovered their younger looking skin at the Pond’s experientialzone These experiential zones in New Delhi resulted in sales up to Rs. 45,000 just in 2days! Experiential Zones in Mumbai resulted in sales up to Rs. 23,000 from the RotaryConferenceHIGHLIGHTSThe cosmetics industry witnessed an innovative way to showcase their products and gettheir customers to try the product.

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