SolarMill™, LLC
8528 Sanford Drive
Henrico, Virginia 23228
SolarMill™ Presented an OPEN HOUSE & NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!!
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SolarMill Press Release - By Justin Ayars

SolarMill Press Release - By Justin Ayars
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - SolarMill Press Release - By Justin Ayars

  • 1. SolarMill™, LLC 8528 Sanford Drive Henrico, Virginia 23228 SolarMill™ Presented an OPEN HOUSE & NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Richmond, Virginia – SolarMill™ hosted an OPEN HOUSE at 8528 Sanford Drive, Henrico, VA 23228 on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 5:30PM – 9:30PM. SolarMill™ was founded in 2011 by Virginia Tech graduate, Bert Green who wanted to create “a manufacturing system where technology and nature work hand in hand.” Green designed his entire workshop so that every piece of manufacturing equipment runs entirely off of solar power, including the world’s only off-grid CNC Router (a robotic, computer controlled cutting machine), which Green custom engineered. “Everything that adds value to the product runs on solar power.” Green at the CNC Router SolarMill’s “Command Center” SolarMill™ has an impressive and growing line of madeOFFtheGRID™ consumer products. To date, Green has sold over 1,200 cutting boards to customers in 44 states. In addition to its widely popular cutting boards, SolarMill™ also sells paper composite coasters and soy wax candles. In Virginia, the company’s products are being sold in Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Staunton and Luray. SolarMill’s Products Mr. Green gave behind-the-scenes tours of his solar-powered workshop to a room full of curious, eco-coconscious visitors. Guests got to see first-hand how his company harnesses solar power to create an eco-friendly line of consumer products and housewares right here in Richmond, VA. Instead of passing out business cards, Green gave one of SolarMill’s famous cheese boards to every guest as they left his workshop. Green Speaking to Guests While Green admits, “launching a new product is extremely intensive time wise,” he is thrilled that guests praised his newest product, the much- anticipated iPhone case, as technologically innovative, highly practical and skillfully crafted. Smartphone Cases: Front & Back SolarMill’s smartphone cases consist of two halves: a front and a back. The back is made of teak wood and the front is made of a material called Richlite, which is recycled paper compressed under extreme heat and pressure and mixed with a resin. The two materials snap into place around a smartphone and are held together by stylish bands that come in a variety of colors. The smartphone case “is a whole different ballgame,” said the Virginia Tech grad. “This is a much more exciting product.” iPhone Cases with Multicolored Bands SolarMill™ makes eco-friendly consumer goods using 100% solar-powered machinery. SolarMill’s creative environmental approach effectively combines social responsibility with the power of advanced manufacturing. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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