HIS supports Lithuania in establishing amonitoring system for higher education andresearchThe Lithuanian Ministry of Educa...
background of the future monitoring system. The HIS experts could draw upon a Page 2 of 2broad range of experience ...
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[PDF] Press Release: HIS supports Lithuania in establishing a monitoring system for higher education and research [http://www.lifepr.de?boxid=274194]
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. HIS supports Lithuania in establishing amonitoring system for higher education andresearchThe Lithuanian Ministry of Education is currently concerned with building a  12 December 2011national monitoring and analysis system for higher education and research,  Page 1 of 2cooperating with the Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis  Further information:Centre MOSTA.  The Higher Education Information System (HIS) with its many  Dr. Harald Gilchyears of expertise in this field supports the project in collaboration with its  Tel.: 0511 1220-443 E-Mail: gilch@his.departners Ernst & Young Baltic and S2P (Solutions to Perform). The project’sinitial phase has been completed during a workshop in Hanover, centred on the Dr. Dominic Orrissues of how to proceed in terms of strategic targets, of defining the monitoring Tel.: 0511 1220-372 E-Mail: orr@his.deareas and the actual development of indicators. Media contact: Theo HafnerLike all Eastern European countries, the Republic of Lithuania has experienced a  Tel.: 0511 1220-290complete upheaval during the last twenty years that significantly affected the  E-Mail: hafner@his.deeducational system as well. Since new structures have been established in  Katharina Sengvirtually every context, the Lithuanian administration is now devising new systems  Tel.: 0511 1220-382for controlling institutions of higher education as well as research facilities. The  E-Mail: seng@his.deobjective is to develop efficient tools that support political and social discussions and decision‐making processes.  MOSTA assigned a consortium consisting of Ernst & Young Baltic, S2P and HIS with the task of developing and implementing these new tools for monitoring and analysis of higher education and research. HIS contributes its expertise from manifold previous projects. A team of experts from all three company divisions (IT for Higher Education, HIS‐Institute for Research on Higher Education, Higher Education Development) guarantees a focused and efficient application ofrelevant know-how.The project has been launched in Vilnius in July 2011 after successfully completingan earlier project for a national education report in Lithuania. On December 1 theproject partners met for a one-day workshop in Hanover to discuss the theoretical
  • 2. background of the future monitoring system. The HIS experts could draw upon a Page 2 of 2broad range of experience in basic research relating to the National Report onEducation or the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) as well as upon practicalknow-how in implementing monitoring systems such as an indicator-basedcontrolling system for higher education in Lower Saxony or the web-basedinformation system ICE (Information, Controlling, Decision).Dr. Harald Gilch, director of the HIS team, comments: “We could profit from aconstructive and inspiring atmosphere here in Hanover, not only to set importantmilestones for successive project phases. Such an ambitious project with itsimpact on social debates in Lithuania requires an unconditional commitment andmutual trust among all project partners to face difficult project phasessuccessfully.” Everybody could agree on the concluding statement: “We are nowready to go on!”Further information:Dr. Harald GilchTel.: 0511 1220-443E-Mail: gilch@his.deDr. Dominic OrrTel.: 0511 1220-372E-Mail: orr@his.deMedia contact:Theo HafnerTel.: 0511 1220-290E-Mail: hafner@his.deKatharina SengTel.: 0511 1220-382E-Mail: seng@his.de

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