PRESS RELEASE, Manhart Racing - MH1 S Biturbo Black is Beautiful ... Monster performance in a black robe!M3, ...
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Pressetext Manhart Racing MH1S BiturboENGLISH .pdf

[PDF] Press release: Black is Beautiful ... Monster performance in a black robe! []
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. PRESS RELEASE, Manhart Racing - MH1 S Biturbo Black is Beautiful ... Monster performance in a black robe!M3, M5, M6 ... what was long missing from this list was definitely a little M1, - thatwith respect to his famous ancestor with this name is now officially called “1 SeriesM Coupe” which was transformed to the MH1 with Biturbo with 415BHP shortlyafter its birth.Since the MH1 Biturbo with its 415 BHP was already a blast in performance, thenoble tuner from Wuppertal (formerly Geilenkirchen) stepped up the ladder oncemore and created the MH1 S Biturbo, now based on the MH1 Biturbo. Thanks to anewly developed and expanded MHR Stage 3 Performance Package, the driverfrom now on has control over incredible 465HP and 600NM. Apart from apermanent smile on the face of the driver this breathtaking performance alsoleaves a question mark in everybody’s mind who believed to be the fastest whiledriving a Sportscar from Zuffenhausen, especially since the little 1 Series M wasnever a threat. The specially developed Sports Exhaust System includesDownpipes and Stainless Steel Mufflers doesn’t only provide a few extrahorsepower, but also produces an aggressive sound. It has also been fitted with anewly developed Carbonfiber Airbox including carbon fiber piping to provide theengine of the MH1 S Biturbo with plenty of fresh air. Bigger Intercooler, Oilcoolerand Radiator from the Motorsport provide the needed cooling capacity.This of course is far from being the end, as the power also needs to be put downon the street, with as much traction as possible; Manhart Racing also fitted a finetuned coilover suspension with MHR Setup. The currently used AC Schnitzer Type5 Forged wheels in 9x20” on the front axle and 10x20” on the rear axle arewrapped with 245´s and 295´s Continental-Sport Contact 5 tires. More downforceon the front axle is provided by a hand made carbonfiber front splitter. A fullycarbonfiber Bonnet with Air Intakes and snap closures reduces weight and gives itan aggressive look. At the rear the the MH1 S Biturbo gets a Diffuser and a CSLLook trunk with Ducktail, of course in carbonfiber as well.A set of fine carbonfiber mirror caps complets the exterior related changes. Theinterior of the MH1 S Biturbo gets a set of MHR Performance Bucket Seats andfinest Alcantara on the back seats, of course both finished with orange stitching. Toprovide the driver with as much information as possible, Manhart Racing fitted aspecially developed LCD Display into the driver side air vent in the middle console.Since the MH1 S Biturbo´s top speed is beyond 300km/h a Manhart Racinginstrument cluster, extended to 330 km/h was installed to give it the final touch.For any other facts, price and delivery information, contact:MANHART RACING Middle East & AsiaP.O.Box 28587 DubaiTel: +971 4 88 4 88 14Fax: +971 4 88 4 88 15Mob:+971 55 956 43 03Email: simon@manhart-racing.deWeb: http://www.manhart-racing.deA division of Trade X ME L.L.C

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