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Nation newspaper piece on uongozi launch

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nation newspaper piece on uongozi launch

  • 1. 10 | National News SUNDAY NATION September 23, 2012UONGOZI | USaid, Nation Media Group and Inuka Trust partner to push youth to think and vote for a better KenyaCampaign to promote leadership dialogueGroup will hold talks and push Kenyansespecially the youth to value themselvesand their vote and to urge them to beleaders while at the same time challenginglong-held opinions about leadership BY JOHN NGIRACHU jngirachu@ke.nationmedia.com A s she filled in her form for the Uon- gozi Campaign at Mlango Kubwa, Anne Jepchumba was surrounded by the dirt and dust that is unavoidable in this part of Nairobi. The trench under the culvert where the Uongozi crew set up their desk has been blocked and choked with smelly green water and plastic bags for as long as the residents can remember. While it would seem odd in some parts of the city, or the world, it is not unusual here. Ms Jepchumba is a student at the Kenya Medical Training College but she believes she has the potential to be much more use- ful to society. She was a scout’s commander and the organising secretary at college. She figures that if the country needs peo- ple like her, she understands well enough what it takes to be a leader and she can take a shot at it. What kind of leadership does Kenya need SALATON NJAU | NATION if it is to achieve the goals of Vision 2030? Above: Nation Media Group Chief Executive What does leadership mean in Kenya? How Officer Linus Gitahi and Inuka Trust Chief can we avoid getting into the mess that Executive John Githongo flag off the Uon- followed the 2007 General Election? gozi 2012 campaign caravan at the Huruma These are some of the questions that grounds, Nairobi, yesterday. will be repeated over the next four weeks The campaign is aimed at sensitising Ken- as the country begins to have a conversa- yans on the need to vote wisely and to have tion that is often repeated whenever there a peaceful General Election. is an election. These were also the main themes as Left: Gospel artiste Juliani performs dur- the Uongozi Campaign was flagged off ing the official launch of the Uongozi 2012 at a dusty playground in Huruma, a low campaigns. Below: Gospel artiste Daddy and middle income residential area east Owen entertains at the Huruma Grounds. of Nairobi’s city centre. The campaign The campaign will run for four weeks and all started with the national anthem as a youth have been urged to participate lone flag waved over the youthful crowd at the grounds. With support provided by the United States Aid Agency, the Government of and not tomorrow. Japan in conjunction with the UNDP, the “We are seeking people to apply to par- Swiss embassy and the Nation Media ticipate in the reality show where we’ll have Group (NMG), the campaign seeks to cre- people from 48 counties. The 48th county ate a virtual national election process. is the diaspora,” said Mr Githongo. Other organisations involved include Mr Ibrahim Diba arrived at the tent at the Independent Electoral and Bounda- Huruma as the last of the application forms ries Commission, Posta Kenya, AIESEC, was being handed out. The 37-year-old fa- YWCA, the Yes Youth Can Network and ther of three is a security guard. Inuka Kenya. Despite having lived in Nairobi over the Former Ethics and Governance perma- past 17 years, Mr Diba’s heart is in Isiolo. nent secretary John Githongo is CEO of He has voted three times since he came of Inuka Trust. It was no accident that the age and always makes the journey northWe need to organisers elected to launch the campaign to cast his ballot. in Huruma. “I don’t want to die a poor man yet Iremember According to NMG chief executive officer know there is so much we can do with thethat Linus Gitahi, Huruma was chosen because resources we have in Isiolo. I know thateverybody it was hard hit during the post-election with development going to the counties, violence with tens of people killed there. we will get a chance to change things,”has one vote, Huruma is a mix of low and middle- he added.whether income settlements and is a breath away Mr Diba’s ideas are around develop- from Mathare slums, Eastleigh and Mlango ing a system through which the arablethey are in Kubwa, areas scarred by the effects of land around Isiolo can be irrigated andthe middle- poor leadership. Mathare with its slums, cultivated. He said he would get a formincome areas Eastleigh with its pot-holed streets, open this at the New Stanley or somewhere like themselves from the notion that the most and apply for a chance to participate in sewers side by side with shopping malls, that … the nice hotels we have in Nairobi useful leader would have to come from their the TV show.or here” Mlango Kubwa with the perpetual cloud of but it would have cost us a lot more money. tribe or that tribal patronage has a role to Is there a chance for a security guard or dust and smoke from the vehicles on Juja But here we had an opportunity to engage play in governance. a student to become a leader in Kenya?Mr Linus Gitahi Road and the blocked sewage. with the public,” said Mr Githongo. With the creation of the new elective “It’s very high, and that’s what I have “This is not the kind of thing to launch He said the idea of the campaign is to positions – governors, senators, youth been telling them. Apply. Apply. Apply. at KICC with a few people,” said Mr Gitahi. have every Kenyan understand they can and women’s representatives and the There is one young man who came up to “We need to remember that everybody has be a leader, and to move away from their council assemblies – Kenyans will also me today and he was telling me all the great one vote, whether they are in the middle- fixation with a few people over the past need to know what sort of people they things he is doing in his own community income areas or here.” 49 years. want in power. as a businessman,” said Mr Githongo. Mr Githongo said the idea was to take the It hopes to move away from a culture Uongozi will be offering wananchi the “So I said, ‘Listen, if you’ve mobilised all campaign to the people who really ought where the electorate believes their vote can opportunity to test their leadership skills those people to do that kind of business, to be participating in it, and to do this by be bought, leaders are known to show up on a reality show to be aired by NTV. you are a leader. A leader is not only that starting in Eastlands. every five years and a leader who actually With an emphasis on the youth, Uon- politician who dishes out cash. So I told “We came where the majority of people in gets their job done is hailed as a hero. gozi will also be offering an opportunity him to apply, and he did.” Nairobi live. We could have very easily done It also hopes to get Kenyans to disengage for them to become the leaders of today See also page 23.

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