PILOT PROJECT: Harnessing the Power of the Sun
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. CASE STUDY: SOLAR ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY PILOT PROJECT: Harnessing the Power of the Sun BUSINESS INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS While working for Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), current Managing Director of NAFAS, Dr. Syham Bentouati was responsible for introducing the use of solar energy for Enhanced Oil Recovery (Solar EOR) into the Middle East region, where the sun's rays are harnessed to produce steam, which will in turn be used to extract heavy oil. She led the pilot project from its first stages of various technologies assessment all the way to commissioning and year-long monitoring, including: 1) Presenting different business case scenarios and convincing senior management, shareholders and the tender board to adopt the project. 2) Leading all contracting and other parts of the project until first solar steam was produced. 3) Leading the monitoring period until technology was proven; provided consultancy to the team working on deployment. This project that was completed in collaboration with GlassPoint Solar, a global company with expertise in an innovative solar technology that was optimised for EOR, was completed on time and on budget and met all the targets set at the start of the pilot. As a result of the pilot's great success, this technology has been approvedforlargescaledeployment,forwhichPDOwasawarded GlassPoint a contract to build Mirrah. Delivering Excellence to the GCC and Beyond Through our extensive collaboration with leading experts inthefieldsofengineering,management,technologyand international business, we guarantee our clients that they willhaveaccesstocredible,soundtechnicaladvice.These connections establish NAFAS as a global leader in delivering the best possible solutions. SUCCESS THROUGH COLLABORATION NAFAS Consultancy FZE PO Box 513383, Saif Zone, Sharjah, UAE License No. 15639 +971 568264773 / +968 99626621
  • 2. Process Optimization Technology In-CountryValue,alsocalledLocalContentisgaining importance across the region. We work with world experts in this subject to offer the best possible support related to the following areas: • Local content optimization strategy • Strategy execution • Training • Measuring and reporting the valued retained in the country THE POWER OF APPLIED INTELLIGENCE FINDING INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS In-Country Value Founder and Managing Director of NAFAS Consultancy, Dr. Syham Bentouati has over 15 years of experience working in challenge identification, technology screening, process optimization, change management, strategy definition, and people development. A wearer of many hats, she is widely respected and brings to the table considerable expertise in diverse industries: aerospace, marine, IT project management, as well as oil and gas. As both an academic and accomplished industry professional, Dr. Bentouati holds a distinguished, instrumental management position. By bridging gaps between academia and the real-world workplace, she understands concerns and perspectives that are overlooked by many professionals, such as practical aspects of research and relevance at the local level. Before her role at NAFAS, Dr. Bentouati was Petroleum Development of Oman’s Technology Manager, and went ontoherroleasIn-CountryValueResearchDevelopment and Technology Lead. She holds a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Sheffield. WHO WE ARE UAE-based NAFAS Consultancy FZE was founded in 2015 by Dr. Syham Bentouati to provide essential strategic direction for companies in three streams: technology, process improvement and in-country value. With emphasis on understanding client needs in relationtothelocaleconomy,NAFASprovidestechnical expertise that is unparalleled in the Middle East. As part of Process Optimization, we support our clients to improve their efficiency and lower their costs by optimizing the way they do things, using a precise and systematic approach. We work closely with companies to understand improvement areas in relation to standard company operating procedures and business improvement. By cultivating constructive change management mechanisms when needed, our clients receive professional support that is tailored to meet their core business needs. We work closely with clients to identify, define and prioritize challenges that will then be matched with practical cost-effective technological solutions. We develop optimum contracting and deployment strategies to ensure the value of selected technologiesismazimized.Weperformpeerreviews and technical due dilligence for investors, in collaboration with technical experts all over the world. We support innovators in taking their inventions from an idea to a profitable business through detailed assessment of ideas and their potential, Intellectual Property (IP) protection options,andbeststrategyforcommercialization.Our innovation-centred consulting approach ensures all avenues for growth and improvement are explored. Our relationship-centred consulting approach allows the NAFAS team to gauge a deeper understanding of what your company needs to succeed with respect to strategic efforts and long-term goals. Before starting any work, we meet face to face with clients and then delve into finding effective methods for supporting corporate efforts with emphasis on incorporating technological solutions for lasting impact. NAFAS currently runs consulting projects across the Middle East for companies from diverse backgrounds. Countries where services are offered include the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria. Our clients include businesses and individuals who are seeking innovative fixes to existing problems, as well as predicting potential complications. Our primary strategic goal is to support ideas from idea to implementation. With particular emphasis on evaluating patenting options for ideas, we actively seek viable, practical industry-level solutions for each pitfall your company may be facing. By bridging cumbersome gaps between academia and industry, our unmatched insider perspective gives clients sound innovation focused advice. Complete Support From Idea to Delivery STRATEGY TO IMPLEMENTATIONSTREAMS DR. SYHAM BENTOUATI NAFAS, Managing Director YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST

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