6 Major Functions of Kingdee– Enhance the Capability for Managing the Business1. Supports Multi-LanguageTraditional Chines...
Kingdee business software flyers
Kingdee business software flyers
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Kingdee business software flyers

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. 6 Major Functions of Kingdee– Enhance the Capability for Managing the Business1. Supports Multi-LanguageTraditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English interfaces are available, languages that you can choose duringthe login process, which can support you in developing cross-border business easily and effectively.2. Supports Different Industries’ RequirementsSupports different accounting standards across different regions. Over 60 samples of charts of accounts, that issuitable for various industries, such as servicing, retail, trading and manufacturing.3. Supports Multi-Currency & Auto-Calculation of Exchange DifferenceSupports multi-currency transaction with various reports and analysis function, which can help you to manage yourbusiness with different customers/suppliers all over the world. Auto-calculation of the exchange difference simplifiesthe respective analysis process.4. One-Stop Solution Integrating Accounting, Purchase, Sales and Inventory ManagementAuto-generation of accounts receivable and payable records will be processed after creating sales or purchaseinvoices, and respective journals will also be created automatically. From suppliers (customers) -> receive items (ordeliver items) -> pay bills (or receive payments) -> journals, easy and convenient to use.5. Supports Recurring TransactionPeriodical transactions, such as rental payment or bank charges, can be saved as recurring transactions for futureuse.6. Flexible Inventory and Cost ManagementInventory management comes with multi-warehouse, inventory count, adjustment and minimum stock alertfunctions. Auto-calculation for the cost of purchase and sales can help you easily manage your business. Theinventory price/cost of sales can be re-set/re-calculated which can ensure the flexibility of meeting variousrequirements. Tel : (65) 6570 5942 /(65) 9298 1343 E-mail : imatrizsolutions@gmail.com PIC 400% Tax Benefit iMatriz Solutions Pte Ltd FREE Demo & Consultation!! iMatriz Solutions Pte Ltd, 28 Sin Ming Lane, #03-147 Midview City Singapore 573 972, Tel : (65) 6570 5942| E-mail: imatrizsolutions@gmail.com

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