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Nailing Jello To The Wall

Information technology projects vex even the most astute decision makers. Some ground rules are needed to deliver the key insights executives deserve.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. V E R A X P O I N T C o n s u lt i n g , L L CNailing Jelloto the WallGetting a Firm Grip on IT DecisionsInformation technology projects vex even the most astutedecision makers. Some ground rules are needed to deliverthe key insights executives deserve.Rapid advances in information technology bring tantalizingopportunities to every business with promises of higherproductivity, lower costs, smarter decisions, and perfectcoordination. Yet most executives would rather visit thedentist than be called upon to review and approve new ITprojects. Frustrations range from incomprehensible languageto vague business benefits to run-away costs and misseddeadlines.Decisions over IT investments come with many distinctivedynamics that warrant distinctive approaches. At the sametime, these decisions can and should be subjected to thesame disciplines as any other capital decision.This session investigates how to apply basic decisionprinciples to IT project evaluation and proposal developmentthat will deliver the critical insights executives need to makeinformed decisions. In the end, companies will reduce theircosts, preserve their capital, and generate higher returns ontheir IT investments.Participants will discover: • When an IT project isn’t an IT project For more information on this and other • Who should be on (and off!) the project team presentations enhancing smart decisions • How to foster a broader range of choices and capital effectiveness, contact Dave • How to detect common flaws in project evaluation Wittenberg at 206.419.9656 or by email at: david.wittenberg@veraxpoint.com • When to demand accountability and when to accept the ‘unknowable’’

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