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Multi-network Solutions in the Real World: NAB 2012, Thierry Fautier, Harmonic

By any analysis, today's pay television operators are facing a more competitive marketplace than ever before. Pure play over-the-top (OTT) providers have joined the traditional battle between cable, satellite and IPTV, creating more concern for legacy players. This new competitive landscape for video services has increasingly meant delivering content in parallel over different networks to a wider variety of devices. With the latest technologies and protocols enabling OTT video, operators are now combining their proprietary delivery networks with wireless and the Internet for a more compelling consumer experience. But these new offerings require more complex solutions for encoding, managing, and distributing content – and navigating the thorny arena of content rights on new types of devices that operate inside and outside of the subscriber's home. As early TV Everywhere ventures have illustrated, the challenges of acquisition and management of such rights should not be underestimated. View the presentations from the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum during NAB 2012. An expert panel presented the opportunities, challenges and solutions for commercial video delivery over combinations of managed and unmanaged networks.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Multi-network Solutions in the Real World: NAB 2012, Thierry Fautier, Harmonic

  • 1. Scaling Multi-screenServices withStandards-basedProtocolsThierry FautierHarmonic #multinetwork #nab2012
  • 2. Technology Segmentation Apple HLS Cost & Complexity Protocols Microsoft Smooth Streaming (encoding, storage, CDN) Adobe HDS One DRM / protocol Cost & Complexity DRM Single DRM across 2 protocols (CMS, storage, CDN) Umbrella of multiple DRMs Single DRM per device Limits match Device One or 2 protocols per device content/DRM/device Different scheme per protocol Limits take off ofAdvertisement Server vs Client advertisement #multinetwork #nabshow - 2
  • 3. DASH Solution to Format Segmentation Verimatrix Apple HLS AES DRM Encrypt PlayReady Microsoft Smooth 3XEncode AES DRM Package Encrypt Storage CDN Access transit Adobe HDS AES DRM Encrypt 1X MPEG DASH Package DRM Storage CENC CDN transit 3 #multinetwork #nabshow - 3
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