Natural or artificial?In this particular article we will discuss the choice of natural or artificial, its benefits anddisa...
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Natural or artificial

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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Natural or artificial?In this particular article we will discuss the choice of natural or artificial, its benefits anddisadvantages. When performing the installation fields wherever possible sports like football,tennis and hockey, the first thing we ask is that it is convenient if the natural or artificial. And ofcourse each of them has its advantages over the other, and also its disadvantages, but beforeinformation about them is desirable to be clear that is exactly what we require, and we will usethe field a Once installed either natural or artificial grass For starters, the natural grass has grass.the advantages of being much more aesthetic, and of course more "natural", but this is anadvantage is also a disadvantage, considering that to be natural requires a tremendousamount of maintenance processes and care.Often maintenance is not hard, as in the case of a small garden, but when it is a large area tobe counted with certain systems for care, and it is always advisable to hire a gardener to dothe necessary care not only the turf, but also to other plants or flowers. We must consider thespaces used for activities, whether sporting or otherwise, in these spaces often also raises thequestion of whether to use natural or artificial, and this will also depend on a huge number ofreasons.To begin with it should be known that both use is going to give the athletic field, as if its aconstant use, is absolutely advisable to opt for artificial grass since it is much more resistant grass,to trampling constants that can cause in a sports field widely used, while the natural grass isnot resistant to this type of use and then can be damaged, and can even earth causingdamage and unfit for growing grass.This happens more than anything in fields where grass does not have good care, howeverthere are many sports fields where natural grass is used and it is very healthy and care, but itis usually because the sectors are replaced mistreated, with so-called "bread of grass" that areusually square pieces of land with grass that are placed to cover very large areas and thegrass begins to grow without planting seeds and wait for them to grow.So, if you are willing to face the enormous efforts and costs money that requires themaintenance of natural grass, is a totally convenient choice, given the options of natural orartificial. But when talking about making a decision between natural or artificial, it is importantto highlight the many advantages of artificial grass over natural. For starters of course doesnot require much care or maintenance processes, since being made of synthetic plastic suchdoes not require hiring a professional gardener, as the only maintenance required is aminimum watered at least once per day, depending on certain factors such as the much-usedfield sports, and weather.Author:

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