2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 1
Save Our Seas
2 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report
At NAMEPA (North American Marine
Environment Protection Association),
the commitment to“Save O...
2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 3
4 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report
This past year we produced “An Educator’s Guide to Marine
Debris” in collaboration wi...
2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 5
Our work to further the education and environ-
mental awareness of seafarers activel...
6 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report
In partnership with the American Salvage Association,
NAMEPA conducts a yearly St...
2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 7
My love for the environment transitioned into a career goal ...
8 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report
With dedication in 2014 to outreach and program development to industry...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 1 Save Our Seas 2014 ANNUAL REPORT
  • 2. 2 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report At NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association), the commitment to“Save Our Seas” is one we must renew each year. The protection and preservation of the marine environment is not a remote aspiration, but an abiding responsibility - one that fundamentally requires an understanding and appreciation of the marine industry. As such, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the continued, exponential growth that has enabled us, as an institution, to approach our mission with renewed efficiency and effectiveness. For our efforts, NAMEPA was recognized as the winner of the Lloyd’s List 2014 Environment Award. Going into our eighth year, we shaped our future with a three-year strategic plan, hired a grants writer and established NAMEPA Mexico. Advocate # Educate # Activate NAMEPA was named winner of the “Environment Award” at the Inaugural Lloyd’s List North America Maritime Awards held in Houston, Texas.
  • 3. 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 3 EXPANDING OUR PROGRAMS AND RESOURCES Asanorganizationwhoseultimategoalsarestakedintheeducationandactivationofthemarineindustryandthepublic,acontinuously expanding outreach is essential to our mission. In 2014 we broadened our influence and deepened our presence throughout the United States while also making new inroads in Mexico and the Caribbean. NAMEPA has been building platforms for discussion among industry leaders, government and conservation interests since our inception.We conduct and participate in conferences and seminars throughout North America which expands our member networking opportunities and resources. In 2014 our reach included: 6 Hosted the 2014 North American World Maritime Day in Cozumel featuring participation by IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu, Transport Canada’s Sylvain Lachance, and RADM Paul Thomas (who received a trumpet fanfare for his speech) as well as conducted a marine debris education session at a Cozumel high school for over 30 students. 6 Held Environmental Intelligence in Maritime (EIM) events featuring issues important to our industry and the marine environment: • In Houston, there were panel discussions about coming changes to make the shipping industry and offshore drilling more safe, productive, and profitable. • In New York, the conference focused on the importance of the port of New York/New Jersey and exploring the ways in which we can fully utilize, and conserve the port. • In San Francisco, stakeholders in the marine community came together to discuss concerns and actions of marine environment protection to ultimately create a greater awareness of the issues as well as the work being undertaken to mitigate potential problems, and to foster collaboration among stakeholders. • In Washington DC, industry and government leaders discussed issues surrounding maritime safety, highlighting best practices and opportunities for improvement. • In Anchorage, the focus was on waterways management, regulatory requirements, resource requirements, and operational readiness. • In New York, in at the Annual Conference and Awards Dinner a framework was provided for discussing the“new”ECA, changing fuel supplies, spill drill training, and partners in marine environment protection and risk management. The conference was followed by our annual NAMEPA Awards Dinner during which we recognize the signature achievements of corporations, federal agencies, educational institutions, individuals and non-profit associations. • Held a US regulatory update at Posidonia, Greece Discussed global regulatory challenges, as well as the development and implementation of strategies for achieving compliance to an audience including shipowners and operators. 6 Represented NAMEPA at 20 marine industry events including CMA, AAPA Convention, 1st Workshop on Maritime Safety, USPS Convention and Beach Clean-Up activities organized nation-wide. 6 NAMEPA is taking a proactive role in applying for grants to establish a greater base for revenue sustainability. Our grants writers applied for over 12 grants throughout the year to assist in developing, printing and distributing our educational materials on the marine environment to seafarers, port communities and the public in general. NAMEPA received over $75,000 in grant funding in 2014. As we build our knowledge of the grant process, and target our efforts towards the grants that coincide with our mission, we anticipate doubling our grant funding in 2015.
  • 4. 4 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report STUDENTS This past year we produced “An Educator’s Guide to Marine Debris” in collaboration with NOAA. This curriculum guide for students K-12 is designed to give students a knowledge base of what marine debris is and where it comes from with the ultimate goal of guiding them to take action in their daily lives to protect the marine environment. A companion activity book, “Exploring the Marine Environment,”provides students with engaging games, puzzles, and quizzes designed to both inform and inspire students of all ages. In addition, we began work on our marine environment video mini-series, an entertaining and accessible forum in which leaders in ocean health and sustainability are interviewed to showcase the positive role models of the marine and environmental sciences industry. Equipped with these enhanced teaching materials, we are continuing NAMEPA’s outreach to students and adults alike. COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES & HIGH SCHOOLS • NAMEPA Campus Chapter Tool Kit – reaching students in environmental studies • University of Houston as a Chapter including working on a research project • Mass Maritime as a Chapter promoting NAMEPA education materials • Initial talks with Tampa, FL and Oakland, CA high schools to incorporate marine educational materials in curriculum MARITIME ACADEMIES & HARBOR SCHOOLS The Maritime Academies Outreach Program at NAMEPA seeks to engage with cadets, students, faculty, and staff at each of the university-level maritime academies throughout the country. Through continuing to build partnerships with the academies, NAMEPA strives to foster a relationship (and membership) with the next generation of maritime and environmental industry leaders. Our goal is to have a strong, active student-led chapter of NAMEPA ateachofthemaritimeacademies. Weassistthemtowardsthisgoal by providing support, guidance and the opportunity to attend and participate in regional and national NAMEPA seminars, programs, and other events. In turn, the chapters spread the message of NAMEPA to the local community by organizing beach clean ups, assisting in educational outreach, hosting NAMEPA functions, and serving as a point of contact between NAMEPA and the academies. Cadets, students and recent alumni of the maritime academy chapters have served as NAMEPA interns, seminar panelists, award recipients, and staff. A partnership NAMEPA is continuing to expand with each of the maritime academies moving forward. EDUCATION and OUTREACH With distinctly designed educational programs attuned to the unique roles of seafarers, port communities, and students within the marine universe, our education initiatives emphasize the role, responsibility, and overall significance of the individual within the context of a global goal to“Save Our Seas.”
  • 5. 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 5 SEAFARERS Our work to further the education and environ- mental awareness of seafarers actively strength- ens the bond between the marine industry and community. As integral members of each sphere, informed and efficient seafarers are essential to the current state of marine environment protec- tion. NAMEPA also works with NAMMA to en- courage seafarers to use the resources available to them to support the marine environment by being responsible seafarers both aboard ves- sels and ashore. The IMO has established “The Day of the Seafarer” as an annual celebration to acknowledge the importance of seafarers in our global economy and the marine industry. NAME- PA participates by promoting this celebration in June each year through social media. Continuing in this spirit, we have again updated our MARPOL brochure and expanded its distribution through the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. PORT COMMUNITIES As our outreach expands, we seek to maintain a locally oriented focus on port communities. By continuing to host and participate in regional ma- rine conferences and seminars, we are able to tai- lor our educational efforts to the unique needs of each individual community. Additionally, we have continued to distribute our marine debris posters and reusable bags through the USCG Auxiliary, and working with the OAS-CIP, we have translated our Marine Debris poster into Spanish and distrib- uted over 50,000 copies throughout the Ameri- cas. NAMEPA participated in the AAPA Conference in Houston in 2014. Through this combined effort of personal engagement and material assistance, we are able to sustain an informed and informa- tive presence throughout an increasingly diverse collection of communities.
  • 6. 6 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report SCIENCE FAIR In partnership with the American Salvage Association, NAMEPA conducts a yearly Student Science Fair. Entrants sub- mitted 300 word abstracts and technical papers with no size limitations covering a range of marine-based topics such as marine environmental care, alternative fuel supplies for ships, and oil and chemical spill remediation. Our 1st Prize winners received $500, a custom engraved plaque, and recognition at the NAMEPA Annual Conference and Awards dinner in New York City. PARTNERSHIPS AND STRATEGIC ALLIANCES We continue to grow our partnerships with organizations to promote the advocacy of the marine environment at every level, from industry and seafarers to port communities and recreational boaters to students of all ages and students searching for careers in the marine industry. NAMEPA has begun a joint project with NOAA, developing the Coalition for International Maritime Heritage, with a goal of reaching the general public about the value proposition of the marine industry. A partnership with Rightship has led to a direct benefit to our shipowning members. We also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WEDA (Western Dredging Association). In January of 2015 NAMEPA and the United States Power Squadrons will sign an MOU to collaborate on the distribution of education materials and education of recreational boaters. To learn how to become a partner or sponsor, visit www.namepa.net/sponsors. AMERICAN SALVAGE ASSOCIATION (ASA) U.S. COAST GUARD COAST GUARD AUXILIARY GREEN MARINE INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION (IMO) INTER-AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON PORTS (CIP) OF THE ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES (OAS) NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION (NOAA) NEW YORK MARITIME, INC. (NYMAR) OCEAN CONSERVANCY SEA PARTNERS SEA RESEARCH FOUNDATION TAMPA BAY GREEN CONSORTIUM (TBGC) UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS (USPS) WEST GULF MARITIME ASSOCIATION WESTERN DREDGING ASSOCIATION (WEDA) WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY
  • 7. 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report 7 INTERN SPOTLIGHT KAYLA DELVENTHAL My love for the environment transitioned into a career goal during my high school years when I realized how heavily our population is affected by en- vironmental degradation, and more specifically, just how important it is to raise awareness and work towards remediation. Though I am currently a student at the University of Connecticut majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, interning with NAMEPA has stimulated my interest in creating a stronger link between science and other aspects of society, such education and outreach. I was especially ecstatic to put my artist skills to use and illustrate NAMEPA’s new Educator’s guide, a tool that will be used across the nation to aid in marine environmental teaching. It has been a great experience to learn about using social media as an outreach technique, as well as to take part in giving presenta- tions to educate kids in the local area. Working as an Intern for NAMEPA has been a wholesome experience; I have been able to contribute to a cause that I love while working alongside passionate and motivated individuals. MEGHAN MACIEJEWSKI When I was a toddler, my mother began taking me to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. My passion for marine life grew each time I went to see the amazing varieties of fish, harbor seals and sting rays with my mother. During high school I realized that I was my happiest at the beach. Looking out at Long Island Sound, collecting shells and watching the boats sail past gave me a sense of peace that I couldn’t find anywhere else. At the end of my senior year at Fairfield Ludlowe High School I was given the opportunity to do an internship for the last three weeks of the semester. I applied to NAMEPA because the organization’s commitment to promote environmentally friendly practices really spoke to my desire to help the oceans that I had come to love over the years. As an intern I worked primarily with Elise Avallon in the education department. I made PowerPoint presentations on marine debris and the shipping industry, posted educational articles on social media, and even got to present at a local Boys and Girls Club on the animals of Long Island Sound with Elise. During my internship at NAMEPA I gained valuable skills in using programs such as Excel and Prezi that are extremely useful today as a college student. I was greatly inspired by my time at NAMEPA. I am now determined to pursue a career in marine biology in the hopes of having a positive impact on the marine environment as NAMEPA has. INTERNS Beginning in 2012, we have coordinated an internship program with the CMA Education Foundation. This past year, we worked with both high school and college interns who are passionate about the environment and were eager to gain valuable experience in the workplace. Our interns have been instrumental in helping to develop our educational materi- als and programs, and have given us a stronger presence both on social media and in the local community.
  • 8. 8 2014 NAMEPA Annual Report MOVING FORWARD IN 2015 With dedication in 2014 to outreach and program development to industry, stu- dents and the public, NAMEPA’s access and influence in the marine industry and to communities of all ages globally continues to expand. The 3 year strategic plan will drive NAMEPA to a sustainable position and build a stable foundation to continue its mission to “Save Our Seas”. Be sure to Keep up to date with our monthly E-newsletter. NAMEPA will focus on: • Development of new curricula and informative materials for students and the public, including “An Educator’s Guide to the Marine Environment” • Collaboration with NOAA, Sea Research Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, Wild- life Conservation Society and local industry on marine environment education • Partnerships with USCG, USCGAux, CIP/OAS, USPS, University Chapters, local and regional learning institutions to ensure program outreach • Development of programs for research projects and science awards for stu- dents at the high school and college levels • Pursuing grant awards and avenues to gain sustainable funds to advance de- velopment and promote new initiatives in the marine environment education SAVE THE DATES February 18 EIM 2014 Shipping Industry Updates - Houston March 23-25 CMA - Stamford, CT - (booth - come visit!) April 16 EIM Port Waste Reception Facilities - Norfolk, VA April 20 EIM Deepwater Horizon, Lessons Learned 5 years later - New Orleans April 21-22 EIM Environmental Challenges for Ships - Miami May 21 National Maritime Day and AMVER Awards - Washington, DC June 13 National Marina Day (celebrated throughout the month of June) August 13th EIM Senior Leadership Roundtable - Anchorage, AK September (TBD) EIM - Vancouver, BC September 19 International Coastal Cleanup October 5-7 North American World Maritime Day Observance - Linthicum, MD October 29 EIM- Best Management Practices and the Public - New York City (NAMEPA Annual Confernce and Awards Dinner) ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, ACTIVATE– BECOME A MEMBER! By joining NAMEPA, you or your organization would join the ranks of in- dustry’s strongest supporters and demonstrate your individual and corporate commitment to responsible practices and to the preservation of the marine environment. You will help in our efforts to “Save our Seas.” By becoming a member, you will: • Participate in a global effort to “Save our Seas”. • Help reduce the impact of the maritime industry on the marine environment. • Educate the next generation on shipping and the marine environment. • Present a positive image of our industry to the public sector. • Reinforce employee enthusiasm for environmental initiatives. • Demonstrate leadership in this highly visible global effort. • Take action today for tomorrow’s children. To become a member, visit www.namepa.net/become-a-member. 690 Mill Hill Terrace, Southport, CT USA 06890 Phone: +203 255 4686 Website: www.namepa.net Email: contact@namepa.net DRAWING CONTEST Together with the JASON Project, Sea Research Foundation and the United States Coast Guard, NAMEPA sponsors a drawing contest each year for students in grades K-12 living in North America including students living abroad who have one or more parents on active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard. The theme for the 2015 calendar was “Sustainable Seas” which means using our aquatic resources to help meet our needs in terms of food, transportation, and recreation, but doing so in a responsible way.

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