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Prevent bed sores with a bed sore mattress

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Prevent bed sores with a bed sore mattress

  • 1. Volkner.comcontact James Consolidated, Inc.Voice : (925) 691-5117 or (800) 884-3317Fax : (925) 691-4200Prevent Bed sores with a Bed Sore MattressIf you are faced with a long term bed ridden patient at home then the risk of the patientgetting bed sores, also known as pressure sores, is great and the longer they remain bed riddenthe greater the chances they will develop bed sores.There are several ways of preventing bed sores from developing, one method is timeconsuming and physically difficult for both you and your patient. The other preventionmethod is automatic, just set and forget, and comfortable for your patient and if your patientis a loved one then you do not wish them any discomfort, pain or suffering.The first method of preventing pressure sores is manually handling the turning of your patienton a regular basis, a difficult and time consuming procedure for both of you. In most hospitalsthe turning of bed ridden patients is least every 2 hours, day and night, realistically youshould turn your patient every hour.A patient restricted to their bed and unable to move much runs the risk of developing bedsores from lying prone in one position for long periods without being turned. Turning thepatient from one side to the other regularly allows the blood circulation in the capillaries closeto the skin to continue flowing without hindrance.If the circulation is impeded for long periods, bed sores will develop causing much pain anddiscomfort for your patient and more work and stress for you. if your loved one develops bedsores this will make their recovery longer and less comfortable.Bed sore prevention requires you to regularly turn your patient every hour day and night andif you are caring for your patient at home then be prepared to have your sleep disruptedconstantly, fortunately there is a way to avoid this discomfort for you and your patient andthat is investing in a bed sore mattress. A bedsore mattress is a mattress overlay that runsautomatically from a timer and quietly and unobtrusively turns your patient every 5 or 6minutes allowing the continuous flow of blood in the capillaries and bed sores cannot form.The automatic overlay consists of double rows of air cells covered in a waterproof, bacteriaproof material that is alternately pumped up and deflated, the gradual pumping of one sidemoves the patient slowly to one side, then the reverse occurs allowing the patient to be turnedin the other direction, the process is so unobtrusive the patient if sleeping is never woken up.So if you are caring for a bed ridden loved one at home then invest in your patients comfortand well being by using an automatic bed sore overlay, you will both be the happier for it.

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