Olga Volodina
classic nude black & white photography of transgender models
NOVEMBER 20-27, 2014
“I don...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. M2F EXHIBITION Olga Volodina classic nude black & white photography of transgender models NOVEMBER 20-27, 2014 “I don’t stick to a certain style in my art. I don’t want to be labeled as a fashion or nude art photographer. Life is impermanent and subject to constant change and so is my work” by 440/10 SUKHUMVIT 55 /THONG LOR/ 4th FLOOR between soi 14-16, next to Top Charoen Optical farmanigallery.com rooftopGalleryBangkovolodina.photos  k Olga Volodina is a Russian-born photo artist currently residing in Bangkok. Back in the day she started her professional career as a fashion art photographer in Moscow. Olga is the author of several social and art photo projects. Her works were featured on TV, in print media and exhibited in art galleries. AAllmmoosst all of Olga's works are focused on a human. Character, charisma, body, beauty, behavior, relationship, actions and mistakes, everything that we call a human life is both the main source of inspiration for her and object of her art. Male to Female (MTF) Classic nude photography of transgender models in black and white. Woman Touch, Olga Volodina's first exhibition in Bangkok, was a simple yet exciting way to express the beauty of a nude female body through the medium of black and white photography. MTF exhibition is a kind of sequence project that utilize the same aesthetic of sensual mood to show transgender bodies as an art object. In the civilized modern world, a choice of sexual orientation is the right of every human. People learn how to live among the variety of opinions, attitudes and sexual preferences. In general we have to learn tolerance. As long as transgenders have been existing artists and photographers mostly use this phenomenon in art to provoke or shock their audience with documental realism often uunnddeerrlliinneedd with some strong social meanings. Photographer Olga Volodina chose another way. She prefered the style of classic black & white nude photography that doesn’t attract with its play of colors and devoid of any social context . Here attention to composition, lighting and the beauty of a not-so-obvious-yet human body is more important. There are just calm and sensual nude ppiiccttuures shot the same way as classic nude female photography. It lets a viewer to keep attention undistracted and see the beauty of a transgender body the same way as a male or female naked body. {male to female}

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