Prevalence and Integrity of Procurement in Ghana
On defining the term procurement in the literal sense of the term, it has...
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Prevalence and integrity of procurement Services in ghana

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Prevalence and integrity of procurement Services in ghana

  • 1. Prevalence and Integrity of Procurement in Ghana On defining the term procurement in the literal sense of the term, it has to be mentioned that the this term actually refers to the activity of obtaining or buying any kind of a good, product or a service whatsoever and this process will consider under itself the processing of the demand for a particular product or a service and also the approval of the payment through the receipt received by the consumer. Activities like planning of purchase, determining of standards, developing specifications, financing, negotiating prices, analysing the value and finally making the purchase are integral parts of the process of procurement. The feature of procurement is often made to be prevalent as a business strategy as well and this s on account of the fact that the level of purchasing a particular good or product will ensure whether the operations will continue themselves or not. In his regard, it is justifiable to mention that the Parliament of Ghana has undertaken initiative to employ a legal act in regard to the procurement facet of its economy. The main objective behind employing such an act is to ensure that the best of the value of money is achieved out of the economic transactions in the place. Procurement in Ghana essentially aims to maintain clarity and transparency in its financial transactions. However along with the positive impacts of Procurement, prominent limitations are also attached with this feature whatsoever. At an emergency situation, there is no sufficient provision to employ procurement. Besides, there s a recorded lack in persons who are proficient in the field of Procurement and this crisis has not yet been by the government there. Finally, in spite of the fact that Procurement refers to deriving of the best value out of money, it often calls for expensive advertising which quite unease the overall working of the economy. While talking of the Ghanaian economy, it has to be mentioned that the branded corporate gifts in Ghana is quite significant and prevalent in the present times. Corporate Gifts refer to an agency that gives in for promotional items associated with the corporate facet of the economy there and the Branded Corporate gifts in Ghana include Digital Screen Printing, Outdoor and signage, offset printing, foil printing, digitised embroidery which would turn up to magnificent gifts like branded t-shirts, key rings, mugs, conference bags and many others to be enumerate3d in that list. As a matter of fact however there are a number of flats, apartments, houses, spaces for offices which are laid out on rents along with open land also. Places are also given on rents for short-term stays whatsoever. Serviced Apartments for rent in Accra Ghana is a significant feature in his regard which is quite in transactions with the Ghanaian natives.

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