Personal and Driver Safety Training on Track and in the ClassroomThere exists a need for employers to address the obligati...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Personal and Driver Safety Training on Track and in the ClassroomThere exists a need for employers to address the obligations and implications of theCorporate Manslaughter Act and the Health & Safety Offences 2009 Act.These acts invoke both corporate and personal culpability for physical damage or deathcaused by employees in the course of their work. These incidents could occur as a result ofthe use of machinery (including private vehicles used on business) by employees, or as aresult of their own physical actions upon others during their normal business activities.Prestige Driver Safety Training addresses the following issues: 1 Members of Staff driving in the course of their business duties may cause or suffer from accidents causing physical harm or death 2 Members of staff may cause or suffer from physical harm or death while working when they have cause to restrain others or defend themselves from harm 3 These incidents, whether caused by, or experienced by, members of staff, may result in huge financial fines for corporations (based on corporate turnover) and even personal imprisonment for Management –level staff deemed to be responsiblePrestige has aligned itself with Defend UK and Porsche Cars Chester to provide TrainingDays to local businesses for their staff and their clients. These days include some or all ofthe following activities and input:A Instruction on private racing circuits and off-road courses with professionally registered instructors in guests’ own cars and Porsche Chester-supplied carsB Instruction in road driving awareness by Police and ADI instructors in guests’ own cars or those supplied by Porsche ChesterC Instruction in same vehicles on skid-pan, ABS function and ESP (anti-slide mechanism), and in anti-hijack and avoidance techniquesD Classroom-based instruction provided by Defend UK on the legal implications of maintaining personal safety, safe breakaway from others in threatening situations and conflict resolution – these courses may result in the awarding of a BTEC in Physical SkillsThese courses will be provided to the Client at a fixed price for 20, 30 or 40 guests. TheClient may wish to bring staff, clients or both to these courses. Prices can be as low as £99per person + VAT.The courses may be carried out at Oulton Park (Cheshire), Silverstone Circuit(Northamptonshire) or Bedford Autodrome ((Milton Keynes). Two months’ notice isrequired for booking the venue and delivery personnel.©Prestige Track Club Ltd >< Sarah Hutchison >< 07798 771962 ><