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Port Aransas Fishing Offshore Fishing in Port Aransas Perhaps the most popular and enterta...
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Port Aransas Fishing

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Port Aransas Fishing www.bestportaransasfishing.com Port Aransas Fishing Port Aransas, TX is known throughout the state and beyond as a wonderful destination for vacationing, offering a great family atmosphere on the Gulf Coast,including Port Aransas Fishing. Fishing in Port Aransas, or “Port A” as the locals call it, offers a variety of options for novice fisherman as well as the pros. Casual Port Aransas Fishing For the casual fisherman, there are many options available. It’s commonplace forapartments and condos, on the bay side, to have a pier or fishing dock. It’s commonplace to find Redfish (not Red Snapper), Flounder, Black Drum and trout in the bay area as well as Sheepshead, Piggy Perch and Croakers. Bait can be purchased at any of the local marinas on the island. Competitive Port Aransas FishingDuring the summer months, Port A hosts over twenty fishing tournaments, including the Deep Sea Roundup, the oldest fishing tournament on the Gulf Coast. Whether competing or just watching the weigh-in, this is a fun time and great choice for a family vacation. May through August features a different tournament nearly every weekend including kids only, women’s only, redfish, billfish and more.
  • 2. Port Aransas Fishing Offshore Fishing in Port Aransas Perhaps the most popular and entertaining type of fishing is Offshore Port Aransas Fishing. It’s andadventure just to experience the open seas and the vast variety of fish species that can be caught offthe Gulf Coast shore. Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Amberjack, Kingfish, Vermillion Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna and other types of sharks may be found on the end of your hook. Bay fishing in Port Aransas Bay fishing offers a variety of ways to catch fish. Some anglers prefer to wade in the flats near the main road that approaches Port A. While others move out to the surf side and angle for sharks and whatever may be biting that day. A popular approach is to fish onboard a boat, whether it be personally owned or with a guide service. Gaffttops, Trout, Redfish, Drum, Bonnethead sharks and more can be caught.
  • 3. Port Aransas Fishing BaitsBaits and fishing methods are determined by the time of year, weather and temperature. One method that works well on windy days in the Spring and Fall is using live shrimp on a popping cork. This method allows more fishing technique to be used – casting and setting the hook, and not just dropping over the boat side. On calm days, try live or cut mullet, dead or live shrimp, pin perch or crabs. On windy days, use a bait that gives off a scent to attract the fish in murky water. Another bait method is using piggy perch or croakers. This method is often used by guides and when the fishing is “on” is a great bait for trout or Redfish. This bait method is generally used between May and September.After the catch, visit one of many local restaurants that will cook up the fish, just how you like it. Charters and Guides For those not wanting to make a go of it on their own, numerous charter and guide services are available year-round.

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