Management Spangenberg International BV realizes MBO and can accelerate growth of Maxima Kitchen
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Press clipping 13-10-2015 Spangenberg International

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press clipping 13-10-2015 Spangenberg International

  • 1. PRESS RELEASE Management Spangenberg International BV realizes MBO and can accelerate growth of Maxima Kitchen Equipment Amsterdam, October 13, 2015 - Spangenberg International BV has over 35 years experience as a wholesaler of professional kitchen equipment. Using Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners, the management had the opportunity to purchase all shares by attracting financing from ABN AMRO and MKB Impulsfonds. Spangenberg International is a rapidly growing, international wholesaler of professional kitchen appliances. The company provides dishwashers, automatic juicers, planetary mixers etc. across Europe. The registered brand Maxima® terms reliable equipment which is known for its excellent quality, ease of use and attractive price level. All Maxima machines meet European standards of hygiene and safety. Because all Maxima products are held in stock in the Netherlands, the company is able to ship directly to any location in the world. Spangenberg International has a technical department with experienced technicians and a large inventory of spare parts, which are available immediately for the customer. The comprehensive range is also on the website. ABN AMRO has been able to assist in the financing of the purchase price and working capital. To an international company like Spangenberg International the bank could bring in a lot of service. MKB Impulsfonds provides loans to companies that have been proven to the next step. NEOS Business Finance has entered into exclusive responsibility for the selection and monitoring of credit. Otto van Oostveen, Director Spangenberg International BV: "We are very pleased with the quick and pleasant cooperation. A long-cherished wish come true, and we can now continue with the expansion of our company " Dirk Bakker, Director of ABN AMRO businesses: "We are very pleased with our new relationship Spangenberg International BV. After the initial contact via Wim Hulstein, CM & P, all parties involved are set to work with the end result being a thorough and appropriate funding for this MBO and a very happy relationship. " Franck Hoppenbrouwers, Senior Credit Manager of NEOS Business Finance "Spangenberg International BV is a solid company with international growth potential. With the completion of the MBO and the sound financing of this, the company is in excellent shape to actually achieve further growth. Spangenberg International BV is an asset to the portfolio of MKB Impulsfonds. We thank the management of Spangenberg International BV and Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners for the financing process run efficiently and pleasant cooperation. " The management is supported by Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners. Wim Hulstein, Partner: "This transaction is evidence that when you prepare -anno nucleic, loans are in fact well realized, i.e. with several parties, each with its own role or expertise." For more information: ABN AMRO Phone: 023-569 9631, email: NEOS Business Finance Phone: 010-892 9645, email: Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners, email: Phone: 033-760 1630

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